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Flash, Splash, and Plenty of Cash: World’s Priciest Hotel Rooms

On my honeymoon, I stayed at the amazing Eratap Beach Resort in Vanuatu, which was, hands down, the nicest place I’ve ever stayed. There were only twelve villas, all of them beachfront, and you saw the other guests so rarely that you felt you had the entire island to yourself. The food was deserving of a Michelin star (or ten), the hotel offered private boat rides to deserted islands just ripe for frolicking and picnicking, and the inside of each villa was decorated to the nines. My entire aparment in San Francisco could have fit inside the sunken ocean-view tub.

However, it was nowhere near as luxurious as some of the following hotels. Got a little spare cash to spend on a night away from home? Grab your Platinum card and grit your teeth; here are some of the world’s priciest rooms:

* Slap down $25,000 a night and you can lay your head in the ten-room Bridge Suite at the Atlantis in Nassau, Bahamas. And in case the name didn’t already give it away, this luxe lodging is situated on top of a bridge that connects the hotel’s two Royal Towers. Don’t forget the digital camera—you’re assured some spectacular views.

* For a whopping $35,350 a night, you can crash at the Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons in New York. Don’t worry about bringing a bedtime story–the suite has its own 700-square-foot library. Oh, and a waterfall too. You know, in case you accidentally left your own waterfall at home.

* Still not luxe enough for you? Shell out $40,000 and you too could take a dip in a private jacuzzi suspended over the Vegas Strip. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this particular pleasure is available at the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at the Palms Casino Resort, which also boasts a full gym, a rotating bed (TMI?), and past inhabitants like Kanye West.

* Now while $50,000 will get you a private butler at the Royal Villa in Athens’ Grand Resort at Lagonissi, it’ll also get you a private pianist. And don’t worry about disturbing the neighbors if you’re up all night having a singalong; you’ve got an entire private beach to yourself.

* All of this pales in comparison, of course, to the $6 million it’ll cost you to stay two nights at the Taj Boston from October 15-17. If you think about it, though, it’s kind of a deal: not only do you get round-trip flights on a private jet from anywhere in the world, a new Jaguar XJ with lifetime valet parking at the Taj, and a rooftop champagne brunch in your honor, but the nearby Boston Conservatory will also name its new theater after you, if you can believe it. That’ll certainly last longer than the free shampoos you normally steal from the housekeeping cart.



Bahamas Packages

Jeezz… I thought the Bahamas was expensive. But I have to say that the Eratap Hotel is a beautiful place to stay.

Susan Kennedy

I am amazed that anyone who has had the smarts to make that much money in the first place would spend so much on a night accommodation!

Alice Chanel

congratulations, you have a wonderful honeymoon.

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