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Win a Trip to London for the Royal Wedding

Hullo there! It’s the Travelocity Roaming Gnome here, and I’ve got to tell you, I’m just chuffed about the impending nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton—or as I like to call them, old Wills and his bird. Won’t they make a splendid couple?

As you can imagine, I was William’s first choice for best man, but I had to turn him down because I didn’t want Harry to be hurt. “Not to worry, old chum,” I said. “I’ll just make sure I’m guest of honor instead. I’ll even wear my very best pointy red hat. Oh wait, I’m always wearing my very best pointy red hat.”

William was thrilled that I’d be in attendance—Kate even asked if I’d walk her down the aisle, but I told her it might be a bit awkward because I’d probably get lost in her train—and so I told him I could go one better. “What if,” I suggested, “I brought two lucky chaps over with me from America for your big day? Make sure the US contingent is accounted for? The Obamas haven’t RSVPed yet, so you can’t rely on them to be your only American guests.”

Wills thought that was a brilliant idea, the best he’d heard since I told him marmite was particularly good with cheese, and so I’m here to offer you a splendid opportunity: if you’re lucky, you (yes, you!) could win a royally good trip to London, courtesy of our fine friends at Virgin Atlantic. You’ll jet across the pond in Virgin’s award-winning Upper Class cabin (they’ve even got a bar in there!), spend four nights at the swanky Kensington Hotel, then head back to the states once all the merriment is over (but not without experiencing Virgin’s incredible Upper Class Clubhouse at Heathrow airport. It’s marvelous, and you can quote me on that.)

So what do you say? Will you be my date to the wedding of the year? Just head to to enter. See you there!


My name: The Travelocity Roaming Gnome

How I earn my keep: I roam the world finding great deals, upholding the Travelocity Guarantee, and looking rather handsome while doing it.

What kind of traveler I am: A small and perfectly-formed one.

Greatest travel lesson learned: Just because you can climb into the overhead baggage compartment and stay there for the rest of the flight, doesn’t mean you should.

Travel ambition: To never again miss my plane because I’ve stopped to take a photo with a fellow traveler who’s spotted me. Ah, it’s tough work being a charmingly lovable travel mascot, I’ll tell you that.

First thing I do in a new place: Make friends.

When I’m not traveling: I’m browsing the SkyMall catalogue, toasting crumpets, testing beard conditioners, and planning my next trip.


Jane Tanton

The wedding wouldn’t be the same without me and my boyfriend! Glad we will be attending.


I am on my way out to shop for the perfect hat. Kate will be thrilled when she sees it.


My boyfriend and I accept your invitation. We are looking forward to sharing in Wills’ and Kate’s joy.


What a lovely opportunity to shop at Harrods and wear my new spring hat! Cheers everyone!

Karen Reser-Brown

I’m following the royal couple closely, and can’t wait for the wedding.

Pets Global Supply

We would to win a royally good trip to London, courtesy of our good friends at Virgin Atlantic. It will be fun,fun,fun…

Sharon Steele

No royal wedding would be complete without me! :-)

Debbie Shipley

We Canadians should be able to participate in this contest as we have the Queen on our money! Would love to go!

Melanie Miller

I would love to be your date.. we could have crumpets and tea and explore in a very gnomely manner.. much fun!!


Would be nice to be there to help the couple celebrate. Unfortunately you do not include Canadians in this contest. Why Not!

Carol Zwickey

Oh Gnomey!!I would love to be your date and perhaps bring my hubby along as a chaperone, he’s so jealous already of you – as you are sitting on my desk at work.
Please let us know at your earliest convenience of your decision as we will need to arrange proper & matching attire with you.

Best Regards,

Jane Sandona

You will look great with a lady of a certain age on your arm!

Carrie Rowbotham

My dearest Mr.Gnome, The Royal “WE” Canadians are not able to enter this Royal Contest to London. How could this be, eh,”oye!”?? We have to buy our gown and tux soon……..!!!! Thank you in advance for your reply!Love Carrie ;)xoxoxo

Paula Neese

This California girl would love to go to the wedding and see Merry England since I hurt my knee last May when I was supposed to go with my mom and sister to Europe including England. I would love to participate in this wonderful Royal Celebration. After all, who wouldn’t???? My bags are packed! Let’s go!


I tried to enter, but are Canadians not invited on this contest? Won’t accept postal code.


I would be delighted to attend the wedding in London!

Debbie Russell

I must be in London to see The Queen Mother, cry!!! Its all sweet!



Connie Williamson

Oh my yes. I accept with gratitute and honor.

Jan Roberts

My English born hub would be thrilled not only to attend the nuptials but to see his homeland again!

Bonnie Northorp

“Unlike” the contest should be open to Canadians as well.


As my daughter is getting married this would be a great pratice wedding for me to get some tips.


I am looking for something special to do for my 50th birthday. The wedding would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and my daughter.


I would love to travel to London and see a royal wedding, not to mention help them celebrate it! This is definitely a once or twice in a lifetime opportunity :).

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