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Why I Want to Go on a Mammoth, California Vacation

After nine months of living in California I’m still in the honeymoon phase. I’ve got hearts in my eyes and I’m still fascinated with all that this great state has to offer. Originally from New York, I was often caught in traffic jams and abnormally small apartments. The change to California gave me a breath of fresh air and a desire to explore.  I’ve been researching a bit on destinations that offer many outdoor activities and aren’t completely exploited by tourists. I came across Mammoth, California and now I’ve got my heart set on something new. My apologies San Francisco, but here’s why I must leave you (temporarily!) to visit Mammoth:

Extreme Awesome

Mammoth is a place where great people become internationally epic. Glen Plake, an American freestyle skier, is possibly the most recognized. He is known to shred on the slopes of Mammoth and inspire all skiers around him. As a native Californian, he loves going to Mammoth to practice his skills.

Not to mention that two Olympic medalists, Deena (Drossin) Kastor and Meb Keflezighi, are residents of Mammoth. It’s like this uncovered gem that the great athletes know about and use it as their haven!

Two Seasons in One

The reason why such great people frequent Mammoth is probably because you can get two seasons in one. Mammoth is known to have great skiing even up to the months of July! During those late spring and summer months, visitors can hit the slopes one day, and then take advantage of the nice weather in the lower altitudes another day. What a great way to experience all types of activities without having the weather be an issue.

Great Terrain

If Glen Plake skis the Mammoth slopes, then it has to be good. There are 3,500 acres to ski on with 150 named trails. That’s enough ground to keep you busy for a while! There is said to be a vertical drop of 3,100 feet, plus there’s plenty for those looking for something a bit more extreme.

Activities Galore

If you’ve read my profile, you know I’m all about the activities. Mammoth, I’m sure, will not bore me in the least bit. For warm weather activities they boast great fishing, hiking, biking, golf, sightseeing, camping, canoeing, kayaking, climbing, and much more. If you’d rather be fresh than warm, they have a range of cold weather activities including cross-country skiing, dog sledding, downhill skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and more.

Speaking of visiting Mammoth, I believe Memorial Day is coming up! Rest assured that I will be printing this post and showing it to my friends to convince them to come along with me.


Want to experience Mammoth for yourself? Head over to Visit California and enter for the chance to win a trip.


Photo Credit: “Mammoth Lakes” by Clinton Steeds.


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I really like Mammoth Lake. I wouldn’t disregard Big Bear which is also a great day trip and is less expensive. Mammoth is the better of the two hands down for skiing however, and is very picturesque and has longer ski trails.

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Mammouth Lake is one of my favorite destinations to visit. It is local, and gives a totally different vibe and environment than what can be expected in the cities closer to sea level.

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Lose Love Handles

The point I love most is the two seasons in one. It makes for an amazing win win situation for visitors to the area. Arguably the best part of winter, just up the road.

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