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Where can I find all baggage fees for all airlines in one place? Also, how can baggage fees be avoided?

Hi Dee,

Great question! Unfortunately, airline baggage fees seem to have become the norm these days, and it can often be frustrating not to know who’s charging what. Here’s a handy chart that compiles them all in once place, so that you can figure out what you’re going to be paying before you book.

As for ways to avoid them, there are actually a few things you can do. Genevieve wrote a great post about this a couple of years ago, but a few general ideas are as follows:

  • Try and stay loyal to one carrier when you fly: passengers who acheive elite statue with an airline are often exempt from baggage fees.
  • If you’ve got miles to use, see if you can upgrade your ticket: once you’re flying Business Class, you usually don’t have to pay to check bags.
  • Choose carefully when you’re picking a carrier (the above chart should help.) If you’re going to save $20 on your ticket but end up paying twice that in baggage fees, you might want to rethink your choice.
  • Pack light! It seems obvious, sure, but the easiest way to avoid a checked baggage fee is…well, not to check a bag. If you can squeeze everything into your carry-on, you’ll save yourself a bunch of money. Be sure to check with your carrier, though, for information about their carry-on bag policy—it can vary from airline to airline, and some are very strict about adhering to it—and with the TSA so that you’re up to date on their rules for what you can carry on.

That’s it! Best of luck and hope this helps you out.




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