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What’s the Best Way to Bring a Wedding Dress on a Plane?

Dear Editors,

My friend is taking her poofy wedding dress to New Orleans and she doesn’t want to pack it.  What is the easiest way to take it on a plane and where will the attendants put it while flying? Thank you.


 Hi Jan,

Oh dear. Your friend attempting to carry her wedding dress on a commercial flight is a situation with disaster written all over it. I would advise your friend to avoid it if at all possible. You see, airlines are quite strict about the size of carry-on luggage (read more about the specifics here) and I’m having visions of your friend having to squish her beautiful dress into a ball to fit into a regulation-size bag. It will be a wrinkled mess when it arrives.

I’m also envisioning her attempting to get it through security. If her wedding dress does not fit on the conveyer belt (the very thought of a wedding dress being smashed through that filthy machine is actually giving me stomach pains) it will be taken from its garment bag and inspected by hand by a TSA agent. I seriously doubt your friend wants a stranger’s possibly filthy hands touching her pristine dress.

If your friend does not have a trusted friend or relative driving to the wedding that’s willing to take her dress along, she is much, much (let me say this one more time: much) better off having her dress professionally packed and shipped to New Orleans. If it is being shipped to a hotel, please make sure the hotel’s general manager is aware of its arrival date and the approximate time. If it is being shipped to a home, do not allow the dress to be released without a signature. It goes without saying she must get a tracking number and insurance for the cost of the dress.

I realize that this will cost money, but believe me when I say there are certain times money is very well spent. This is one of those times. Best of luck to your friend, may she have a wonderful wedding day and a very happy life with her mate.

Happy Travels,


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Sandra Aaron

It might be different for American owned airlines (I’m based in Canada); but in my experience as a Destination Wedding Planner most airlines are very accommodating when it comes to brides. If you call ahead to tell the airline that you are a bringing a wedding dress on the plane they will make a note of it so that the flight attendants will leave enough room in the first class closet.

When you board the flight with your garment bag simply inform the flight attendant that you have a wedding dress which you called ahead about and they are usually happy to hang it up for you. If anyone at check in asked about the garment bag tell them you you made prior arrangements which should be noted on the computer computer. I’ve never had a bride turned away or asked to stow their dress under the plane.

I hope that helps.

Donna E. Keyser

I just had a horrible trip with United Airlines. After getting to the San Francisco airport at 6:00 am only to find my flight had been canceled. I was put on the next flight only to have that on cancled. I was put on a standby for a flight to orange county at 10:30 am. I was getting pretty upset by then as a had an appointment at Loma Linda University at 1:00 PM. I left the counter and went to South West Air. I was in Orange County in 1 hours time. I had wanted to go to Ontario airport as it is the closest to Loma Linda. I had to hire a shuttle for 95.00 dollars to drive me to my destination. South West told me to fly back through Oakland airport to come home from Ontario which I did with no problem. I called Travelocity to complain but got little help. I calld Travelocity again and talked to customer service. They got me a full refund with United, since the flight was canceled and I called before the second part of the trip I thought that was a given, but then after keeping me on hold for over 5 min total, I was told that it would take two billing cycles to get my credit back. What a rip!! so much for Travlocity.

april bishop

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