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Vacation Sex…You Know It’s Better

Without going into detail, let’s just say I see where Danny DeVito was going with his Lincoln bedroom commentary on “The View” a few weeks ago–though I would have preferred to hear it from his buddy George Clooney. There is such a thing a “vacation sex.”*

DeVito’s rant aside, I get what he meant. Being away from home, from work, and from the distractions of our everyday responsibilities makes, ahem…you know, totally different than at home. Indeed, better…and more frequent.

Perhaps this explains the current trend of the procreation vacation—I know, it makes me wince too. Honestly, do you tell your friends and family, we’re off for a “procreation vacation, see you next week?” You might as well say, “We’re going to Hawaii to have lots of sex, we won’t be in touch.” Do you call the hotel and let them know, or even book one of their packages, so there’s no doubt about why you’re not removing the “Do Not Disturb” sign? Do the postcards read: Don’t wish you were here? I have so many questions.

Though I get it, really I do. Women are having children at a later age, many while trying to balance careers, so getting away to relax and help things along makes sense. So do babymoons, which have generated lots of buzz for savvy resorts eager to pamper couples before their lives change forever, and they don’t have time to…well, you get it by now.

I say, move over Paris Hilton: make way for the bouncing baby Cancuns, Mauis, and Londons of the world. Get out there and, um…vacation!

*P.S., I don’t recommend Googling “vacation sex” if you’re reading this at work and want to keep your job.


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