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Travelocity’s Five Favorite Christmas Trees for 2011

If you’ve been on the lookout for an amazing Christmas tree to light up your holiday travels this year, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up some of the most spectacular trees in the country, and they’re all bigger, brighter, and more centrally located than that evergreen you keep hearing about in Rockefeller Center.  For a complete slideshow you can also visit the Huffington Post.


1. Tallest Live Tree: The Coeur d’Alene Resort in Idaho calls their massive 161 foot evergreen “The World’s Tallest Living Christmas Tree.” It’s tricked out with 30,000 lights, and is the centerpiece of a light show comprised of 1.5 million lights, one of the biggest lights displays in the country.


2. Tallest Man-Made Tree: Indianapolis’ holiday centerpiece at Monument Circle is 284 feet tall and is created by massive strings of lights connected to the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. It claims to be the tallest “tree” in the world. It’s also the only Christmas tree that you can ride to the top of for a reindeer’s eye view of the twinkling lights.


3. Eco-Friendly Tree: In Ohio, the Toledo Zoo’s glittering 85-foot live tree is illuminated with 35,000 lights. To keep things even greener than the tree itself, the zoo has bicycles connected to a power grid so that visitors can help keep some of the Christmas lights at the zoo lit without gobbling up natural resources.

4. Biggest Indoor Tree: The saying, it seems, is true: Everything is bigger in Texas, including Galleria Dallas’ 95 foot tree, the biggest indoor tree in the United States. It’s even blinged out in bigger is better Texas style with 10,000 ornaments and 250,000 lights.


5. Tree at America’s Largest Home: The grand and historic Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC, is the largest home in the United States and has been celebrating Christmas since 1895. For those who are looking for a classic Christmas tree, look no further, the gilded 35 foot Fraser fir in the grand ballroom here is part of a Nutcracker worthy scene of elegance with music in the background and miles of wreaths, swags, and holiday ornaments.



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