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Travel with your Tax Refund: Get 10.4 percent off today only!

How I see it, there are two ways to spend you tax refund:  travel and garden gnome collections.  Sure you can be practical, start a life savings, but who knows what tomorrow will bring? So celebrate Tax Day 2012 with a little frivolity and treat yourself to a tax-refund-funded trip.  Travelocity has discovered some deeply-discounted deals in lavish destinations like South Beach, Vegas, Hawaii and Mexico!  And because we’re so pumped tax season is over we’re throwing everyone an extra 10.4% off these already reduced rates!

Just enter TAXDAY at checkout and start planning your getaway.  The deals go dark at midnight so act fast!


My most beloved place in the whole world is: The Motherland, Italy.  I never could have predicted how intense my love for Italy would become or how much I would revel in speaking the language.  I've probably visited close to 100 Italian cities by now and I never tire of it.  Need Italy tips?  I'm your gal. Greatest travel lesson learned: You are your best company.  I wish more people realized that.  Traveling with large groups is fun, but the thrill of landing in a foreign city alone with no rules or schedules to abide by is pure adrenaline. Fondest travel memory: One of my fondest, sweetest memories was meeting my new in-laws for the first time after a 16-hour road trip from Montenegro to Belgrade.  It was three in the morning and they were wide awake with anticipation, sitting at the kitchen table with traditional Serbian meats and a glass of red wine for me.  A warm welcome, indeed. First thing I do in a new place: Follow the scent of a fresh-roasted bean and head to the nearest, most local-yocal coffee shop.  A quick shot of caffeine, a chat with a few locals and then it's off to the races. First thing I do when I get home: Kiss my dachshund, Vucko, then pour over all the photos I've taken.  Then wish I could do it all over again. Travel ambition: To inspire more people to get out of their cubicles and into the world.        


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I am single and employed and I am just wondering if tax places can make up the differenc in cost by getting me a better refund.


just in time too! tax season.

Sandi Tocks

Remember a roaming gnome is for life!

mark henry

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