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Travel Blogging Tips from TBEX and The Roaming Gnome

The Travelocity Roaming Gnome attended his second annual TBEX Travel Blogger Exchange conference in Toronto, Canada this weekend.  As I watched him work the room it made me realize, travel bloggers can learn a lot from the Roaming Gnome. Here are my six travel blogging tips from spending three whole days at TBEX with the gnome, the myth, the legend.

1  Be yourself. The other day in my Toronto hotel room I caught the Roaming Gnome singing to himself in the mirror, “Weee’ve come too faaaar, to give uuup who we aaare.”   (Daft Punk lyrics have never sounded so poignant than from a singing gnome on a porcelain sink.)  The point?  The Roaming Gnome doesn’t conform to anyone.  He’s always true to himself. So what if he likes wearing a wool coat and leather belt to go snorkeling, and a pointy red hat to go clubbing?  He’s a not-so-living example that staying true to your voice, your style and your blog will ultimately make you an international globetrotting celebrity.  Or, at least get you a kiss from a Playboy bunny.

Travelocity Roaming Gnome at TBEX
Courtney Scott, David “Salsa” Lee, Gareth Leonard, Julia Rosien, Travel Bug Robert, Gary Arndt and the girls from Misadventures, and Brian Simpson with a Gnomey Bjorn

2 Be social The Roaming Gnome was a social butterfly at TBEX!  He never turned down an instagram photo op, a Vine, a group hug or a chance to meet new people!  So take a cue from him, and put yourself and your blog out there. You might be writing the most fabulous travel blog in the galaxy, but if you don’t socialize it, no one will ever know!

3  Writing is great but don’t forget video The Roaming Gnome loves jumping in front of the camera – he’s a total ham!  He doesn’t only appear  in television commercials and The Amazing Race but he’s also on Vine and he even convinced me to take him along to shoot my Travelocity YouTube series, Let’s Roam!  Because let’s face it…it’s always more fun to travel with the gnome.

Go and Smell the Roses at TBEX
Smelling the flowers in the lobby of the Sheraton Town Centre Hotel in Toronto

4  Go and smell the roses  The Roaming Gnome knows that the world is a magical place but you gotta get out and travel to experience it.  Your budget shoudn’t prohibit you from experiencing the wonder of travel.  Beautiful roses are probably growing right in your own backyard!  No excuses.  

5  Be a storyteller  Next time you see the Roaming Gnome, ask him to tell you the story of being gnome-nabbed from a garden eight years ago and taken around the world on an epic adventure.  He’s a fabulous storyteller, and you as a blogger should be too.  The Roaming Gnome never just gives you the facts.  His stories are weird and awesome, and keep you wanting more.

Michael Hodson and Roaming Gnome
The Roaming Gnome and Michael Hodson
Having Fun at TBEX
L-R Gareth Leonard, Brian Simpson, Lisa Cohen, Courtney Scott, Nathan Fluellen, Kelley Ferro, Kate Thomas, Ashley Castle, Ryan Van Duzer, and behind the camera, Mickela Mallozzi

6  Have fun  Travel blogging and vlogging is one of the coolest professions out there…so make sure you’re smiling along the way.  Yes, we all need to lock ourselves in our hotel rooms sometimes to bang out deadlines, but always infuse fun into your writing, your photos, your videos and your travels.  Have a permanent smile on your face, like the Roaming Gnome, and every day will feel happier!
That’s all from us, @CourtScott and @RoamingGnome signing off.  Until we TBEX again.  Keep roaming!

Courtney Scott

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