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Two New Luxury Properties Open in Tasmania

When I think of luxury, I think of big cities. It’s the kid-glove-wearing bellhops, the flocks of crisp executives, and the sleek, high-rise suites that light up my “fine living” indicator. But after looking at Tasmania’s latest luxury offerings, I’m ready to include a little nature in my definition of opulence. Check out two new high-class stays on Tasmania’s east coast after the jump.



Great Oyster Bay.

Watch sunrise pour over the Great Oyster Bay, or curl up on the couch as night envelops the bush. The Lair’s expansive windows and airy interior give this place a “floating in the clouds” feeling that’s heartily reinforced by the sea-and-sky views. Spend sunny afternoons grilling up local grass-fed lamb (there’s an outdoor kitchen!), soaking in the courtyard spa, or cuddling up on one of the massive emperor-sized leather beds. Yes, emperor sized. As in—big enough that I’d never get out of bed again. Except maybe for another bite of lamb.


Beach near Saffire.

Don’t let the boutique size mislead you. Each of Saffire’s 20 suites features a king bed, double shower and bath, and a sun-soaked deck generous enough for summer lounging. But it’s the activities that make Saffire sparkle. Guests can enjoy free guided walks along Wineglass Bay, tour the Freycinet Marine Farm where local oysters and mussels are harvested, or wait until sundown to seek out the local woodlands wildlife. You may even see a Tasmanian Devil—the island’s most famous marsupial.

If you’re looking for something more low-key, you’ll also find plenty of hotels in Hobart, Tasmania’s capital city. And from there, it’s a short distance to a wealth of outdoor activities, including wine tasting, bird watching, and swimming at some of the top beaches in the world.


Photos: “Tasmanian devil 95 / 366″ by Hanjosan; “Great Oyster Bay” by DrewOtt; “Australia_June2010 193″ by bentravel1.


My name: Kate Beall

How I earn my keep: Writing for Travelocity.

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Favorite way to get around: On foot. I'm still working on the motorcycle license.


Susan Kennedy

Wow – Tasmanian Devils are real? I thought they were a made up thing from cartoons like road runners or coyotes. (OK, joking about the Coyotes!)

Nathan Rodriguez

Really very top of the notch places to stay in Tasmania, and the natural beauty of the island is awesome, kind of unique.

Bulk Herbs

more than the tasmanian itself is the beauty of the place. cool pics!


Really….these are very adventurous places.
Maria Jim
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tasmania is very much the undervalued state in australia at the moment. many australians just don’t realize what sort of property is available in taz.


This water is too blue, and beautiful
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Purnululu national park

Wow.. Great….. these are very amazing and adventures places. Everybody like to go there. Images are looking gorgeous.

Lisa Cancun

What a gorgeous place to visit. Tasmanian devils are so cute. :)

The picture of Saffire with that crystal clear blue water is amazing.

Thanks for sharing.

Kathy Shaper

Utterly stunning views. Nature at its best, so perfect.

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