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How do I find Super Bowl travel deals?

Dear Editors,

I don’t have tickets to the game, but I want to go to Dallas during the Super Bowl and watch it from there. Any tricks to finding a good deal? Also, any recommendations on where to stay? I don’t know Dallas very well, and I see there are a lot of hotels in surrounding areas.


Hi Brian,

You came to the right place! I’m a Dallas native and can give you some local tips on where to stay, but first, I want to set your expectations in terms of deals. The cost to travel to a big event such as the Super Bowl is going to be set at a premium. A Travelocity data report shows average airfare to Dallas for Super Bowl weekend is $326 for a roundtrip ticket; hotel rates average $188 per night; and car rental rates average $226 for the weekend. These are higher than typical averages for the Dallas area, so keep those Super Bowl price points in mind as you search for your travel deal.

There are a few things you should know when you book for a big event like this:

1.       Booking your flight and hotel together saves up to $525 per booking.

2.       Most hotels require a 4-night minimum stay and are not allowing changes or cancellations.

3.       You’ll need to be flexible to save some money, especially when booking a flight. Try the +/- 1 to 3 days option on Travelocity to determine the cheapest days to travel.

Dallas/Fort Worth is a sprawling metroplex, so I should also mention that you should plan on driving a lot while you’re there. A rental car is definitely a must! The stadium is actually in Arlington, Texas, which is about a 30-minute drive from Downtown Dallas and centrally located in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Arlington has plenty of hotels, restaurants, bars and shopping, so it’s a good option for travelers. Of course, the traffic will be horrendous!

If you don’t feel the need to be right in the middle of the action, I’d suggest checking out your options in Dallas proper, Fort Worth, Las Colinas or Grapevine.  I love Downtown Fort Worth; the area is hopping, and there are solid lodging options. In Dallas, I suggest staying in Uptown or Downtown to be within walking distance to tons of bars and restaurants; Grapevine is also a good spot if you want to be in the middle of both Dallas and Fort Worth.

Here are a few hotel recommendations:

  • Hyatt Regency DFW for $293 per night. Book hotel.
  • NYLO Dallas Las Colinas for $361 per night. Book hotel.
  • Holiday Inn Express in Denton for $138 per night. Book hotel.
  • Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine for $528 per night. Book hotel.

Happy Travels,


Find me on Twitter @jenngaines.

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I wonder if a NBA event would cost that much too, these games are awesome !

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