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Autumn at Sea: 3 Sunny Cruise Spots

Autumn is a mild season in California. In Los Angeles and San Diego, the 100-degree heat starts to soften, inspiring cozy outdoor dinners and ambitious hikes through the Santa Monica Mountains. In Napa Valley and Sonoma, vintners ready themselves for the annual grape harvest, and in Santa Cruz, surfers move their wet suits from the garage to the car. It’s the perfect place for those of us that like our weather a little warmer—and it’s also one of several great places to visit on a sunny fall cruise.

Here are a few more places to sail away this season:

Hawaii Cruises
Lounge on the beach like it’s mid-July—even in December. Cruises in Hawaii are ideal because they let you explore multiple islands without all the hassle of changing hotels. Plus, if you decide you like one spot better than another, you’ll know exactly where to book your trip next time around.

Hawaii beach

Mexico Cruises
Spend a few days in California or Florida before departing for the land beyond the border. Like Hawaii, Mexico is blessed with beaches that stay sunny through November. Plus, with kids back in school, you can even plan something a little more margarita-oriented.

Mexico pier

Caribbean Cruises
The Caribbean is never really out of season; even the winter months get visitors flocking to its shores. For East Coasters burnt out on fall foliage, the islands’ greens and blues can be especially refreshing. Just keep an eye out for hurricane warnings—you can find the latest alerts on Travelocity’s homepage.

Caribbean beach


Image Credits: “Green Sand Beach” by ohappyone; “new touristic pier” by JesusW; “View of Trunk Bay” by lauren27.


My name: Kate Beall

How I earn my keep: Writing for Travelocity.

Best meal I've ever had: There are three: the mofongo at Jimmy'z Kitchen in South Beach, the lomito completo at Fuente Alemana in Santiago, and (for the sheer novelty factor) the cuy chactado in Arequipa, Peru.

First thing I do in a new place: Hit the shower. Anything more than an hour in transit gets me fantasizing about soap.

View that took my breath away: Seeing the endless stretch of the Sierras as I flew in to Reno/Tahoe for the first time. In the winter, it's an aching field of white all the way to the horizon, like a world wiped clean. Looking out at it gives you this unmatched feeling of eternity.

Most challenging travel moment: Sharing a pull-out couch in a cramped New York apartment. The heat wave of 2010 was in full, humid swing and the air conditioning was D.O.A. There was nothing to do but soak your clothes in the sink and hope to pass out before they dried. ...then wake up in an hour and do it all again.

Favorite way to get around: On foot. I'm still working on the motorcycle license.



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