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The Roaming Gnome’s Trip to Banff

Hello there, Window Seat Readers! It’s the Travelocity Roaming Gnome here. I’ve just got back from a trip to Banff, which was a splendid antidote to a nasty case of cabin fever I’d been battling. Despite worrying that my beard might freeze upon stepping off the plane in Calgary—only a 90-minute drive from Banff!—the weather was pleasant and sunny. I did some marvelous skiing in the Canadian Rockies, went ice-skating at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, and hitched a ride with KingMik Dogsled Tours (by jove, those puppies were fast.) I took a dip in Banff Springs, slipped into the hot tub at Sunshine Village, took a super ice walk with Discovery Banff Tours, and spent an afternoon at the Willow Stream Spa. I made some new friends at the Elk and Oarsman and sampled an embarrassingly large number of Banff’s excellent restaurants (yes, I’m carrying a little extra winter weight at the moment, don’t judge.) And I was certainly the life of the party at Aurora Nightclub and the Hoodoo Lounge. As if you’d expect anything less.

My word, I need a vacation after that vacation! Huge thanks to Banff Lake Louise Tourism and the entire Banff community for their warm welcome. Have a peek at my vacation snaps  below!

PS: Want to cure your own cabin fever? You’ll find a host of smashingly affordable ideas here! And if you’d like to vote on my next trip—Lake Tahoe or Utah?—just head on over to Travelocity’s Facebook page and cast your ballot. You can even enter to win a free 4-night ski trip for two!

Skiing at Lake Louise. I was even better than this guy, I promise. You just can’t see it in the pictures.

Steady on, ladies, there’s enough of me to go around.

It’s awfully hard to make snow angels when your hands are cemented to your sides. Hmm, bit of a flaw in that plan. Should have thought that one through.
Me and Dave Barton, Banff Guide & Social Media Guru. He showed me around town and made me feel right at gnome. Ahem, I mean right at home.

Taking a soothing dip at the Banff Hot Springs. This nice young lady made sure I didn’t get my beard wet. Honestly, it’s a nightmare to dry.
Riding the bull at Wild Bill’s Legendary Saloon. Got roped into it, if you know what I mean.
Dinner at Saltlik. I’ve got a steak knife and I’m not afraid to use it.
“Come here often?” I asked this lovely bartender at the Hoodoo Lounge. Turns out she’d heard that one before.
Tubing at Mt. Norquay. Anyone want to give me a push?
The food at the Balkan restaurant was smashing. Get it? Smashing? I’ve been wanting to make that joke for ages.


My name: The Travelocity Roaming Gnome

How I earn my keep: I roam the world finding great deals, upholding the Travelocity Guarantee, and looking rather handsome while doing it.

What kind of traveler I am: A small and perfectly-formed one.

Greatest travel lesson learned: Just because you can climb into the overhead baggage compartment and stay there for the rest of the flight, doesn’t mean you should.

Travel ambition: To never again miss my plane because I’ve stopped to take a photo with a fellow traveler who’s spotted me. Ah, it’s tough work being a charmingly lovable travel mascot, I’ll tell you that.

First thing I do in a new place: Make friends.

When I’m not traveling: I’m browsing the SkyMall catalogue, toasting crumpets, testing beard conditioners, and planning my next trip.


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If you go to the town of Banff, you’re only about a 40 minute drive from the village of Lake Louise, and the lake itself, which is beautiful, there is great camping in the area, so I definitely recommend you camp one night there.


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