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The Roaming Gnome Interviews Johnny Jet on The Window Seat

Editor’s Note: This holiday season, the Roaming Gnome will interview a few of his favorite travel writers about their holiday plans and travel tips. Please welcome them to The Window Seat.

John E. DiScala (a.k.a. Johnny Jet) travels around 150,000 miles and visits over 20 countries each year. has been named “one of the top best money-saving web sites for travel” by Budget Travel Magazine, while the L.A. Times calls it “one of the top 10 essential travel resources on the internet.” Sign up today for Johnny Jet’s free weekly travel newsletter at and follow him live on Twitter at @JohnnyJet.

RG:     If you had to be stuck at an airport during the holidays – which one would you choose? (I’d go wherever there’s frozen yogurt!)
       I love airports! My favorite is LAX because it’s right near my house, I know almost every nook and cranny of it and I can basically go anywhere in the world in two flights. But I wouldn’t mind being stuck in HKG, HNL, SIN or BOB.
RG:     What’s the one thing you can’t travel without? Me- my wit and good looks of course!
       Ha! I can’t travel without my laptop since planes are where I catch up on my work and it makes the flights really fly by. I also always have a camera on me because you just never know who you are going to bump into … like a certain famous Gnome (photo:
RG:     What’s your favorite travel tip? I always say leave early in case there is a line at the airport bar.
       To always be nice to everyone and bring a box of chocolates for the gate agent and/or flight attendants. They can make or break your trip.

RG:     When going home for the holidays do you stay with family/friends or at a hotel?
       I always stay with family/friends. Since I travel so much throughout the year it’s always nice to be in a house, get a home cooked meal and play board games (my favorite is Scrabble)

RG:     Fun travel fact: I easily fit in overhead compartment bins. What’s your fun travel fact?
       I can usually get from the curb to the gate in two-minutes – except during the holidays.
RG:     I’ve traveled at various times of the year, but holidays are my favorite times. When else can you see holiday sweaters and poodles on layovers? What’s your best holiday travel story?
       Actually Gnome I hate to burst your holiday bubble but the holidays aren’t really my favorite time to travel. That’s because there are so many “rookies” out and they are really slow to pass through security and board the planes as they don’t take the time to learn the drill. Then they become frustrated, irritated and nasty to be around. Those fun suckers also make all the prices go up. So if I do travel around the holidays it’s usually on the actual holiday since I can find cheaper fares, less full planes and friendly people. A couple years ago I flew on Christmas Day and the flight attendants dressed up like elves and passed out candy canes to everyone.
RG:     Shall we spend Spring Break together? I do a wicked cannonball.
       YES! I have to see your cannonball.

RG:     I don’t blame you, I’m very aerodymanic.  ;)


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My name: The Travelocity Roaming Gnome

How I earn my keep: I roam the world finding great deals, upholding the Travelocity Guarantee, and looking rather handsome while doing it.

What kind of traveler I am: A small and perfectly-formed one.

Greatest travel lesson learned: Just because you can climb into the overhead baggage compartment and stay there for the rest of the flight, doesn’t mean you should.

Travel ambition: To never again miss my plane because I’ve stopped to take a photo with a fellow traveler who’s spotted me. Ah, it’s tough work being a charmingly lovable travel mascot, I’ll tell you that.

First thing I do in a new place: Make friends.

When I’m not traveling: I’m browsing the SkyMall catalogue, toasting crumpets, testing beard conditioners, and planning my next trip.


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I liked so much it’s answer to the first question..I’ll go wherever is frozen yogurt. It is really interesting.

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