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Booking a trip is so much easier when you know what to expect, isn’t it? Your friend went to Paris and recommended a B&B that was fantastique; your mother-in-law sung the praises of a hotel in Santa Fe. That’s why Travelocity’s non-biased Customer Reviews and IgoUgo reviews are so helpful. Not only can you use them to get the scoop on that great deal you’re considering—is it close to the center of town? Will it be suitable for kids? How much is the parking?–but you can add your own two cents when you come home from a trip, and make someone else’s life a little easier when they’re deciding where to stay.

How To Use Customer Reviews has more than 100,000 reviews of hotels and cruises—and even more reviews of hotels, restaurants, nightlife, and things to do in 5,500 destinations worldwide—so the odds are good that you’ll find an opinion on the property or destination you’re looking for, just by typing in the city name or airport code. Once you’ve done that, you can search for reviews by travelers like you–because, sure, that cozy out-of-the-way inn might be perfect for vacationers looking to reconnect, but for business travelers it’s just not connected enough.

And what if value for money is top of your priority list but you couldn’t care less about the pool? Good news: you can see how reviewers rate each aspect of a hotel—from staff to bed comfort to pet friendliness—on a sliding scale. And the finishing touch? An overall smiley-face rating from “excellent” (five smiles) to “be warned!” (just one) makes it easy to gauge whether to book now or keep looking.

How To Spot a Fake Review
All reviews you see at Travelocity and IgoUgo have been given our official stamp of approval, so you can feel confident that you’re getting unbiased advice. But because we’re all about sharing, we’ll let you in on the checkpoints we use to spot fake reviews (and kick them to the curb). Just follow the FAKE code. Does the review:

Feel like an ad?
• Saying the hotel or restaurant was great or even the best ever is one thing; calling it an “idyllic paradise” or a “five-star wonder” in every reference is another. Trust your instincts: if it feels like an ad, it probably is.

Argue with an earlier, more negative review?
• Beware of any excessively positive review written as a defense to a less glowing writeup, especially if it involves the business’ employees.

Know it all?
• The average traveler might know how many pools a property has, but probably not the exact number of lounge chairs at the pool or the precise water temperature. Fake reviews are often packed with details but contain little to no personal experience.

Emphasize the extras?
• While a real review might contain mention of one or two extra services (a massage here, a round of golf there), fake reviews often go overboard. If the review praises the hotel’s shuttle service, full spa menu, and wedding packages, consider it a red flag.

If you answer “no” to at least three of these questions, you can rest assured that you’re getting honest advice from a real traveler. And that, after all, is what our reviews are all about!

How To Write Your Own

Want to share your opinion? Your fellow travelers thank you! Here are a few things to remember when writing a Travelocity Customer Review:
• Choose only properties you’ve visited in the last 12 months.
• Stick to the 100-word limit to get your point across; leave the novels for the airport bookshop.
• Constructive criticism is fine, but if you were displeased with something, explain why–don’t just pan it without reason. And steer clear of obscene or libelous comments.
• Don’t use the caps-lock button; it just looks like you’re shouting.
• Keep in mind that you’re discussing the hotel or cruise itself–not Travelocity.
• Leave out your room rate (though it’s fine to mention charges for parking or dining.)
• Your review will be kept in your own words–so aim for helpfulness, interesting content, and as few spelling and grammatical mistakes as possible!

For more information on Customer Reviews, or to write one of your own, check out, or visit to create travel journals, upload photos, and write reviews of all the experiences on your trip.



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