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Before They Were Famous: The Roaming Gnome

Everyone got their start somewhere.  For some, it was a garden.  For others, it was a cubicle.  Get to know the backstories of some of the biggest names in travel, before they were famous roamers, explorers, inspirers.   Find out where they lived, what they did for work and who encouraged them to start a life of exploration. Today’s #BTWF: The Travelocity Roaming Gnome.

Name:  The Roaming Gnome, The RG, Your Highness


Twitter: I’m used to keeping things short.  @RoamingGnome


[/column]My life began as a lawn ornament, sitting among the dandelions and grasshoppers in a quiet neighborhood in North Carolina. It was all I ever knew. Until one fateful day, that all changed.

In high school…

I started my own gardening club. Party of one.

As I teenager I was…

A pretty independent young lad – a bit of a daydreamer. And I had a full beard at age 12.  I was  the envy of every other garden gnome on the block.

My earliest memory of being intrigued by travel…

I watched cars go by day after day, and dreamed about where they might be going. The post office? The supermarket? Or somewhere even dandier.

The weirdest thing I ever did to pay the bills…

Well, that’s one thing about garden living — the rent’s quite low.

Did you ever work in an office or a cubicle?

No, but one time when my garden-owner went away on vacation the grass grew over the top of my red pointy hat. I couldn’t see diddily. I imagine that’s quite like a cubicle. Nooo thank you.

life is good.
life is good.

Was there a significant event from your past that caused you to hit the road?

One day, to my utter amazement, I was snatched from my garden by an anonymous captor. They thought it would be fun to revive an age-old prank called “gnome-nabbing” and take me around the world.

If I weren’t a professional roamer, I’d be…

A male model, I suppose. I simply can’t go anywhere without someone taking my photograph!

The biggest thing I learned on the road is…

That I was born to travel…and that cheese danishes are quite scrumptious.

If you could nab one person and take them along on your adventures, who would would it be?

Erm. Well, this was supposed to be a secret plot. But you have pried it out of me.

I’m currently on the hunt for one charming travel companion to whisk off with me on a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the globe!  If you want me to pick you, submit a one-minute video explaining why you deserve to go. And tell everyone you know (and those you don’t) to vote! Go to for all the very sneaky details.




Gnome, don’t make me Gnome Alone, I mean Roam Alone. Pick me!! Love you!!!

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