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Day One on the Job is a Disney Fantasy

Courtney Scott_Travelocity Travel Editor


I woke up this morning and thought, “Could it be?  Could this be the best Monday ever?”  I’m Courtney Scott, and today is my first official day as Travelocity’s Senior Travel Editor. Woot! I barely had time to update my Facebook status with the exciting news before I was given my first assignment:  a four day cruise aboard the brand new Disney Fantasy.

OK, deep breath.  Act cool.

“Sure, I’ll go on the Disney cruise.”  I’m a cruise expert.  Well, sort of.  Well, actually not at all.   To be honest, I’m obsessed with travel but if there’s one thing I don’t know it’s cruising.  But as luck would have it, I won’t be traveling solo on this maiden voyage.  The Travelocity Roaming Gnome has mustered up some energy after his down under adventure and has offered to be my cruising cohort.  He promises a smashing good time with the most splendid tiny umbrella drinks on all the high seas.  I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

Do you have a favorite cruising tip?  Share your wisdom with me in the comments section below. And don’t miss the chance to enjoy a free $100 onboard credit on all Disney Fantasy sailings.  The offer is only available on Travelocity until March 29, 2012, so act fast!

Bon Voyage!




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My most beloved place in the whole world is: The Motherland, Italy.  I never could have predicted how intense my love for Italy would become or how much I would revel in speaking the language.  I've probably visited close to 100 Italian cities by now and I never tire of it.  Need Italy tips?  I'm your gal. Greatest travel lesson learned: You are your best company.  I wish more people realized that.  Traveling with large groups is fun, but the thrill of landing in a foreign city alone with no rules or schedules to abide by is pure adrenaline. Fondest travel memory: One of my fondest, sweetest memories was meeting my new in-laws for the first time after a 16-hour road trip from Montenegro to Belgrade.  It was three in the morning and they were wide awake with anticipation, sitting at the kitchen table with traditional Serbian meats and a glass of red wine for me.  A warm welcome, indeed. First thing I do in a new place: Follow the scent of a fresh-roasted bean and head to the nearest, most local-yocal coffee shop.  A quick shot of caffeine, a chat with a few locals and then it's off to the races. First thing I do when I get home: Kiss my dachshund, Vucko, then pour over all the photos I've taken.  Then wish I could do it all over again. Travel ambition: To inspire more people to get out of their cubicles and into the world.        



Welcome Courtney! Can’t wait to read all about your time onboard!

Brian Simpson

The first tip I’d have for you, Courtney, is to take along your co-workers. Ha ha ha…

Welcome to the Travelocity family!

Brian Simpson


your job sounds like a dream! Congrats!

-from a super jealous fellow travel addict!


Seems you are pretty excited with your new job. Congratulations, all the best and enjoy as much as you can. My tip is, there will be tons of nature spotting, you should carry a pair of travel binoculars for some fabulous sightings.

Amy Loria

Love that you’re “on board” with Travelocity now – can’t wait to read all of your articles! Happy sailing!


Thanks for all of the great tips and well wishes! Can’t wait to share the hours of video footage I took. The Disney Fantasy is amazing and David, you were right, Castaway Cay was full of wildlife!

Ashley, love your blog and that you’re following your travel dreams!
Brian – sounds good to me. The more the merrier!


Just heard from the Roaming Gnome…he said he had a blast! :) Welcome aboard and can´t wait to read your posts!


Congratulations Courtney .I hope you are excited about your new job and having a great time.Enjoy your work and wish u all d best.My tip is,to carry a camera along with you to capture the best sight seeing places & memories.


“Congratulations! For your new exciting job, hope you will have a great time. My tip is study the layout of the ship, it would be adventurous to cover the every single corner of the ship.


David — I definitely need a study session, the ship is HUGE! Lots of secrets to uncover. Great tip!
John — got the camera in tow and making tons of memories. Thanks for the tip! I Should have everything up on Facebook next week so check it out!

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