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Meet the 2012 Mongol Rally’s Only All-Female Team

I am often introduced to people doing incredible things through travel.  Charlie Grosso is just that. She is an art gallery director and photographer turned adventure philanthropoist, and she’s one half of the only all-female team to be attempting the 2012 Mongol Rally — a 10,000 mile unsupported car rally from London to Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia kicking off in July.

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If that doesn’t sound epic enough, Charlie hasn’t even met the other half of her team, Pamela MacNaughtan.  The two chatted on Twitter and decided they should take on the 80 percent male-dominated rally, riding side-by-side in a tiny car together, all to raise money for a local Mongolian charity.  They are Team SM Stowaway and they’ve so kindly invited Travelocity along for the adventure!



From Charlie Grosso:

What made me say YES to this 10,000 miles of insanity?

On a not so special evening back in November of 2010, I was in Taipei visiting family, I had just finished dinner with my mom and I was attempting to fight off the onset of food coma by poking around on the Internet to see what kind of mischief all of my globe-trotting friends were getting into.

I stumbled across blogger Sherry Ott’s post about something called The Mongol Rally.  I clicked over to give it a quick read and the first thing I saw was this: “10,000 miles of bad roads, no roads, bandits, deserts, mountains and other adventuresome stuff…” Ughm. Okay. Sure. It didn’t really quiet sink in.

I read a little further down and saw this: “Your chances of being seriously injured or dying as a result of your participation are high.  Individuals who have taken part in past adventures have been permanently disfigured, permanently disabled or even lost their life. These adventures are not glorified holidays. They are unsupported adventures and so by their very nature extremely risky.”

These long paragraphs describing risk, injury, mayhem and chaos sent a rush of adrenaline into my system, put a pause on the food coma and an unmitigated, unprovoked “YES” jumped out of me!

Am I insane? Maybe. Any sane person would say, “I don’t think this is a good idea.” But what we often forget is that life is a dangerous proposition. To risk pain for love, risk humiliation to sing off key in front of your friends, risk potential harm to ascend the highest peak, risk rejection and publish a travel book…being ALIVE involves risk. Life dares you at every turn to see if you will take the bait.  I took the bait and I haven’t looked back.

Follow Team SM Stowaway‘s adventures through weekly guest blog posts on The Window Seat.  Or keep up with the femme fatales in real time on Twitter on Facebook.



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