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Lady Gaga Flight Safety Demonstration?: Cebu Pacific Airlines Goes Viral

You probably thought Virgin Atlantic had a good in-flight video. Well, Cebu Pacific Airlines (flying to the Philippines) decided to raise the bar just a little bit higher. Check out this video of their flight attendants dancing their way through the in-flight safety demonstration to the sounds of Lady Gaga. The dancer in me admires how in sync they are!


What do you think: Is this going too far and not taking safety seriously? Or is this a welcome moment of whimsy?

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That video, although entertaining, is a fake. It was developed by the airline as a makrting scheme. I am sot sure they understand how harmful it can be to a brand to plant a fake video posted by a person posing as an random passenger who just happened to have the camera on.

It is not clear what the airline’s goal is/was by doing this. Deceiving people into thinking this was a spontaneous act is a big no-no.


Well, it doesn’t look spontaneous. I wouldn’t say that. The dancing is definitely rehearsed and the voiceover is perfectly timed.

By fake to you mean that it’s not a random person capturing it? I guess I never thought it was.

For me, it’s still cute and it doesn’t really lessen the effect if Cebu planned this as a fun viral marketing ploy. But perhaps that’s me.

Jennifer Gaines

I have no idea if this video was posted by a random vs. an airline employee, but if their goal was to draw attention to their brand, they did it! More than 5.5 million views on YouTube. Although, I do agree that brands should always be transparent. If they really do this on their flights, though, I think it’s cute and welcome moment of whimsy!

Rick Jefferson

They did their job. I did see a video of a former airline attendant who is now a model who is dancing in a video and its very good. It is here at


Absolutely not too far. Nobody pays attention to those safety demonstrations, I watched this one from beginning to end. Besides flying always sucks, and this helps alleviate some of the stress.

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