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Kid Friendly San Francisco

Please join us in welcoming guest author and Travelocity employee Anna Wilkens, who originally hails from Sweden. Anna is currently based in San Francisco and enjoys traveling the world with her two-and-a-half year-old daughter.

When my family moved to San Francisco, friends recommended that we find a place outside of the city to keep the rent down and enjoy a more child-friendly non-city environment.

But, we actually moved to the city with its many hills, hard to explain microclimates, expensive square footage, and, as it turned out, tons of children’s activities. We found playgrounds in each and every neighborhood and impressive parks and beaches in every direction, plus amazing food from all over the world. We couldn’t have made a better choice.

After visiting all the top attractions this amazing city has to offer, such as downtown San Francisco and Union Square, Chinatown, Alcatraz, the famous sea lions at Fisherman’s Wharf, and Pier 39, I would recommend a kid friendly day in the lungs of the city: the amazingly big Golden Gate Park.

Enjoy a walk around the sculpted gardens and playgrounds in Golden Gate Park (don’t miss the Koret Children’s playground and the carousel–the first public playground in the U.S.), visit one of the many museums (California Academy of Science, the Botanical Gardens), and by late afternoon drive west through the park, pass the bison paddock, and park your car by Ocean Beach to enjoy a picnic by the sea or visit the Park Chalet for an outdoor family concert and dinner.

As always in San Francisco, be prepared to walk a lot, and bring an extra sweater to stay prepared for the temperature difference between the sunny and the foggy areas.

You can also dig into the great resources listed below to plan your stay!

5 Top Resources for Moms and Dads in the San Francisco Area

1. Red Tricycle - Learn about family events, activities, and things to do in the San Francisco Bay area with kids, plus find great articles to be inspired by. 

2. SFkids - Sign up for their newsletter and check out the events calendar. 

3. San Francisco recreation and parks - Here you’ll find all the information you need about the parks, playgrounds, and open spaces throughout San Francisco. 

4. Iphone App - With MomMaps, you can find your nearest playground, restaurant, museum, or other activities on your phone. 

5. Golden Gate Mothers Group - If you decide to stay in town for a while: this group offers playgroups, activities, discussion forums, and more. It’s run by moms for moms.

Got any good tips for traveling with kids? Share them in the comments below!

Photo courtesy of IgoUgo member fallschirmhosen.


From time to time, the Window Seat publishes articles and blog posts written by guest authors to give you a fresh perspective on the world of travel.

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