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Is Aloha Airlines Liquidation A Death Knell For The Airline Industry?

Aloha indeed. It’s time to wake up and smell the jet fuel. Regional carrier Aloha airlines announced their bankruptcy last week. Within days it moved from chapter 11, bankruptcy which is frequently used as the chance to get your financial house in order by numerous airlines, to chapter seven, liquidation. This signals the end for a small but significant carrier in Hawaii and the West and as of today it will suspend passenger service.

Just what does it mean for the rest of the industry?

Well the story of Aloha is long and complicated but in 2006 a leaner, meaner, cheaper competitor go! Airlines launched operations to compete with Aloha. They’ve been offering cheap tickets and operating at a loss ever since. Aloha was forced to lower their fares in order to keep up and…with jet fuel prices and costs being what they are for the airlines – it was impossible for Aloha to continue.

This points to the fragility of the airlines at this moment in time. But it also points to the greater differences between Aloha and the other major airlines operating today. While everyone seems to be talking about the desperation of the industry – I am of another mind. I’m impressed to see many of the airlines responding responsibly to their high operating costs and the astronomical cost of jet fuel by adjusting their business models. I think that marks a new trend in the aviation industry and one that will benefit all of the flying public in the end. Of course large airlines with domestic and international routes can pull out of a market that isn’t profitable. In such a price sensitive marketplace smaller, regional players are more vulnerable.

What does it mean if you’ve got a ticket with Aloha Airlines? United Airlines and other airlines serving Alohas markets are prepared to service previously ticketed passengers.

Only time will tell if Aloha can pull things together to continue serving passengers but I don’t expect this to launch a wave of liquidations. What will it mean for mergers? Now that’s another story entirely.



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