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I’m traveling from Puerto Rico to New York. Can I carry a bottle of perfume or cologne in my luggage?

Even though perfume and cologne can be considered to be flammable, and therefore hazardous, according to the FAA website, you are allowed to bring approved hazardous materials that are considered medicinal and “toilet articles,” which includes such things as nail polish remover, shaving cream in an aerosol container, and, yes, perfume. No spray paint or insecticide, however, just in case you were wondering. For more information, check out the FAA website.

So the answer is yes, you can pack perfume in your checked luggage but you better make sure it’s packed up well so that you don’t face a perfume luggage stink bomb at baggage claim. I’d wrap it in bubble wrap and then bury it deep in your surrounding soft clothes to eliminate the chance the breakage.

If you want to bring your perfume in your carry-on, you can bring it as long as it’s in a three-ounce container or less.

By the way, not everyone will agree with me on this, but please try to avoid wearing the perfume or cologne during the flight. No matter how nice you might think it smells, in the enclosed space of the plane, a strong scent can be cloying to your fellow passengers, especially those who are sensitive or prone to allergies.

Hope you have a great trip and that you smell fabulous during your time in NYC!


My name: Rachel Berg.

Favorite way to get around: By Venetian gondola during starlit high tide, gliding past decaying and slightly spooky palaces, with perhaps a bottle of prosecco placed between the gondola seat cushions.

View that took my breath away: Unable to sleep in the mystical city of Sfat in Israel, I wandered outdoors predawn and was treated to a purple-on-purple sunrise below the mountaintop that seemed to emerge feet-first through ground-level clouds.

Greatest travel lesson learned: Sunny weather isn't everything. Some of my best travel memories involve go-karting through a deluge turned mud-fest in Mexico, drinking tea in the cold Denali tundra, and watching electric thunderstorms roll through national parks out West.

Most challenging travel moment: Getting leveled by altitude sickness in Cuzco and realizing that my body was forcing me to slow down and rest despite the fact that there was so much to do and see.

Travel ambition: To see the northern lights.

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