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I’m going to the Czech Republic for 12 days and my goal is to pack everything I’ll need in my carry-on backpack. Can I do it

Hi Rachel,

Wow, that’s certainly a tall order! But yes, I think you can do it—you’ll just have to plan carefully and make a few sacrifices here and there.

My first piece of advice would be to lay out everything you think you’ll need and then edit from there. Seriously, don’t hold back at first—if you can’t decide between those two pairs of black pants, put them both in the pile for now. Once you’ve got everything in one place, then start to edit from there. Is that blue t-shirt too similar to that blue t-shirt? Cut it. Be ruthless!

Try and bring pieces that will multi-task—a pair of flats that are comfy enough to walk around in all day, but can be dressed up with a skirt at night for dinner, for instance, or a warm hoodie that can be slipped on top of anything in the event that it gets chilly. If you need to bring bulkier pieces (sneakers, maybe?), wear them on the plane instead of putting them in your backpack.

Aside from underwear, you shouldn’t really need 12 of anything for a 12-day trip: with a little planning, you should be able to mix and match quite a few outfits from not too many clothes (seriously, try stuff on at home first—a little fashion show never hurt anyone, and you’ll see what goes with what.) Choose mostly neutral shades so that things aren’t going to clash, and never underestimate the power of a good pair of earrings in a wacky shade to pep things up if need be!

To make the actual packing part easier, this is what I do: once you’ve edited your clothes down to a reasonable amount, divide them into piles depending on type (tank tops, skirts, shorts, etc.) Put each pile in a separate plastic bag (the kind you get from the grocery store) and label it with a post-it. You’ll not only find it easier to just stack the bags on top of each other in your backpack, but when you’re getting dressed in the morning on your trip, you’ll find it much easier to locate what you’re looking for. Also, seeing all your available t-shirts at once will make it simpler to decide what to pair them with.

Finally, a few must-have items: I always bring a pashmina (works as a great multitasker: use it as a scarf, a pillow, a blanket, a coverup, etc), a good pair of flipflops for padding around hotel rooms (or walking on the street if it’s warm enough), and a comfy pair of sweatpants for just lounging around. Also remember sunscreen, sunglasses, all the wires and cables for your computer/camera/phone (I put these in a big Ziploc baggie so I have easy access to them), and a book. Yep, that’s right, just one book—make like a traveler and trade it for another one when you’re done so you don’t have to pack a whole stack!

Hope that helps. Bon voyage!





Thanks Holly for the advice. I will be doing a test run this week. I also purchased the travel bags, that are supposed to help compact my clothes….hopefully they work!


I travel light always, never check in baggage, even on a trip to Hawaii for 5 days. So, all the above is correct and exactly what I do. Also, don’t forget to roll items to fit better into any nook and cranny in that bag, and if you need to take a heavier sweater or hoodie, don’t pack it, keep it out to tie around your waist and use as a pillow on the plane or to cover your legs if they get cold. And put smaller items, like underwear or socks inside your shoes.

Lori B Leep

Eight yrs ago my husband and I spent 10 days in Europe and 3 wks in Israel. We each only took a back pack (the heavyduty camping type) and limited our selves to 40 lbs. It turned out to be a fabulous trip and were proclaimed to be king and queen of packing. (Thanks, Rick Steves) Each decided we had enough clothes and could have done without 1 piece we really hadn’t worn. As the editor stated, use neutral clothes and spark it up with 1 accessory, ie:scarf,jewelery. Do NOT take expensive jewelery,use cheap imitations. Toiletries we kept to a minimum and tried to utilize an item (ie:liquid camping soap) for several uses (body wash, shaving, and washing underwear and socks) Take a stretchy cord w/ suction cups for drying. I had my hair cut very short so I didn’t need blowdryer or curling iron. I loved that!
Everything we took was put into ziplock type plastic bags.(We also took extra bags along) Each item of clothing was rolled, not folded, as tightly as possible and placed in a bag along with the other similar type of clothing. As we packed we noted how much space was needed for each type (ie:4 t-shirts) and used the size bag that best fit that amount. In closing each bag, we pressed the air out. Each bag then had its own specific place in the pack.
With meds, I used ,the weekly type of dispenser, plus, I took two extra days to be prepared if we were delayed at some point. I also made sure the prescription label from the containers were along.
We also each took a sm. backpack/rucksack that we used on day trips – leaving our large one in the hotel even if we had already checked. Most hotels will do so gladly. Hotels are also a good place to utilize their WC facilities – much, much cleaner.
I hope this gives you a little help as you prepare. Have fun in the anticipation and have a wonderful trip.


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