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How to Plan a Successful Family Vacation

Family travel can be tricky, especially when family members have diverse hobbies and tastes.  Multi-generational travel adds an additional layer of complexity, when trying to find activities that seniors, adults, teens and toddlers can all enjoy together.   The keys to making a family vacation work are easy, but require a little extra planning and positivity.  Here are my four tips on how to plan a successful and stress-free family vacation:

1  Make a family travel wish list:  In the planning phase, all members of the family should write down 2-3 wish list items – things each of you would love to do on vacation!  Then begin researching destinations that can satisfy all (or most) of the wish list items.  Scour travel blogs, read reviews, and talk to friends about vacations that have worked for them!

2 Plan for time together and time apart:  Don’t plan on spending every waking moment together – you’re destined for a stressful vacation.  Break up your family into smaller groups.  For example, organize mother/daughter day, and a father son day.  Or mom and dad can plan a spa day together while the kids do an activity with their grandparents.  Spending a bit of time apart while on vacation is a much more balanced approach, and will enhance the moments that you do spend together as a family. 

3 Bring an open mind:  To make a vacation the best it can be, some compromise is required.  That’s not to say that you should suffer on your vacation, but have an open mind and try new things.  You may discover a new-found hobby or passion!

4 Work in down days:  A tired family is a stressed out family.  To avoid getting burnt out, work in low-key down days where lounging, relaxing and doing nothing are the main orders of business!

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Travelocity Travel Deals of the Week — FOX & Friends

With airfares on the rise — up 4.5% over last year —  is there any way to take a vacation for less this year?

Yes!  Even if flights are more expensive, you can still get a deal by bundling your hotel and flight booking into a vacation package. Both airlines and hotels discount their rates for inclusion into vacation packages.  You can save up to $525 per person.

The other way to find a deal right now? Book a cruise!  It’s the middle of wave season when most of the major cruise lines offer an average of 65% off brochure rates and Travelocity is giving you up to $500 back in cruise cash!

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Hurricane Sandy: Cancelled Flight Information

I’m sitting here in my apartment in Brooklyn feeling extremely lucky that I came away unscathed from the wrath of Sandy.  On behalf of everyone at Travelocity, my thoughts are with all of the families who are dealing with devastation and loss, as well as all of the first responders who have heroically come to the aid of East Coast residents.

The latest tally on cancelled flights is in the tens of thousands, which is impacting travel across the world.  If you are faced with a cancelled flight, here’s what you need to do.

1.  Log-on to your carrier’s website and look for the Hurricane Sandy travel policy.  It should be posted on the home page.   This will explain the procedures for re-booking your flight including the waiver code required to re-book and the window of time in which you are allowed to re-book.

2.  If you weren’t a fan of Twitter before, now’s the time to start following.   During these next few days, airlines are going to be utilizing Twitter to quickly get information out to the masses, since phone lines will be clogged and many people don’t have power, but do have smartphone service.

3.  Be prepared to stay where you are:  The ripple effect caused by thousands of cancellations coupled with the major flooding at LaGuardia means flight cancellations could perpetuate for days.  Patience will be essential to weather the aftermath of Sandy.  If you need a last-minute hotel reservation, use Travelocity’s mobile app to find hotels with vacancy in your area.

Below are the Hurricane Sandy travel policies and Twitter accounts for major airline carriers:

Jet Blue Travel Policy |  @ JetBlue

Delta Travel Policy |  @Delta 

American Airlines Travel Policy | @AmericanAir

US Airways Travel Policy | @USAirways

United Airlines Travel Policy | @United_Airlines

Spirit Airlines Travel Policy

Alitalia Travel Policy | @alitalia

Air Canada Travel Policy | @aircanada 

British Airways Travel Policy | @British_Airways

TAP Portugal Travel Policy | @Taportugal

Air France Travel Policy | @airfrance 


To contact Travelocity and receive help with your booking here’s where to call:

1.888.872.8356 (Toll-free) | 1.210.477.1089 (Outside the U.S.) | En Español: 1.855.369.5502 (7am to 10:30pm CT)

[Photo Credit:  NASA Goddard via Flickr]

The Cheapest Weekends to Travel This Summer

It’s the official start of summer, which means the official start of much-needed weekend getaways.  And while being a weekend warrior can be a blast, it’s not always wallet-friendly.  The Travelocity research department has been busy pulling two years of data to discover which summer weekends are better on your budget.  After the jump, the results:

The absolute cheapest weekend to fly this summer is August 24-26.  Many kids are already back to school by then or their families have booked a Labor Day weekend trip.  And less families travelling means more open seats to fill at cheaper rates.  Check out the rest of our budget-friendly weekends below and start booking your summer travel as soon as possible.  If you book by June 30 you can cash in on Travelocity’s Spring into Summer Sale which could score you a sweet deal at 50% off.

2012 Weekend Dates

Average Domestic Airfare

June 22-24


July 14-16


July 20-22


August 17-19


August 24-26




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