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It’s hard to believe, but it was 16 years ago this month, when Travelocity was launched as the first online travel company. To help celebrate its Sweet 16, Travelocity experts are giving a gift to its customers offering 16 fabulous hotel deals from now until March 31.

For the Sweet 16 sale, customers can book a Travelocity GoodBuy Hotel stay or Flight + Hotel vacation package and receive up to a $200 credit on a future trip. Travelers must book by March 31, 2012 and travel by May 31, 2012. Visit the Travelocity Sweet 16 Birthday Celebration deals page for full details on how to redeem the SWEET16 promo code.

Also, in honor of the celebration, Travelocity pulled together 16 special hotel deals saving customers up to 50 percent. 

5 of the Tallest Hotels in the World

It’s been nearly 50 years since the Empire State Building held the title “Tallest Building in the World,” but the world’s still head over heels for skyscrapers. Luckily for us modern folk, our tallest towers are no longer just for work–you can also climb into the clouds to sip cocktails, go for a swim, or satisfy your shutterbug impulses with some truly unmatched panoramas. From the newest high-altitude hotel in Hong Kong to some of Dubai’s steepest stays, here are five of the world’s tallest hotels:

When Can I Find Cheap Flights to London

Hi Bob,

Great question! I’m glad you asked and I’m sure many of our readers can benefit from the answer.

Here’s the deal: Travel before mid-June to the U.K. and you’re traveling during the shoulder season. Travel between mid-June and Labor day and you’ll find yourself in peak season. Shoulder season (personally, my favorite time to travel to Europe and pretty much every other destination) means cheap flights and fewer crowds. Hotels in London are also quite a bit less expensive. Once you get to peak season, all bets are off.

Consider Booking a Top Secret Hotel If…

Over the past few months, I’ve booked four star hotels in Las Vegas for $32 per night, in Portland for $89 per night and in New York City for $212 per night – all through Travelocity’s Top Secret Hotels. This has become my first stop when I’m looking for a hotel deal – usually.

Being a Travelocity editor, you may expect me to unabashedly sing the praises of our product, but I realize hitting that buy button before you know the exact name of the hotel isn’t right for every single trip. While everyone’s comfort level is different, I’ve found the Top Secret Hotels offering helpful in a number of circumstances.


Consider booking a Top Secret Hotel if…

Staying in a 100% Smoke-Free Hotel: A Do or a Drag?

Marking another milestone in the movement to snuff out smoking rooms for good, in July Wisconsin will become the first state to ban smoking in guestrooms of hotels, motels, bed-and-breakfasts, and rental cabins. The law reinforces what many hotel chains are already doing; the first chain to go entirely smoke-free was Westin in 2006, and Marriott, Sheraton, and others weren’t far behind.

In his Washington Post column this week, Christopher Elliott points out that Wisconsin’s move is great news for those of us who have lost count of the number of smoking rooms we’ve endured despite efforts to avoid them. And most of us do try to avoid them: when Westin went smoke-free, the chain said it was a popular decision among the 92% of guests already requesting non-smoking rooms.