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Earth Day, Earth Week

Earth Day is this coming Sunday, April 22nd and this blogging team thinks it’s pretty important. Why? Because everything feels different this year since the US Government is finally recognizing what some have long argued: that everything we humans do indeed has an impact on the environment. As a result, we’ve decided to honor earth day by devoting an entire week of our blog topics to green travel stories.

A good introduction to this topic is my column on this topic.

KT Tunstall Is A Huge Winner In My Book

If you ask me it’s a crime that KT Tunstall didn’t win the Grammy last night for best female pop vocalist. But no matter, she’s still a huge winner in my book. She’s sassy, sexy and sensational. If you haven’t heard her album Eye To The Telescope buy it immediately. You see, KT is not only a gifted songwriter with an amazing voice and creativity that rarely shines in the manufactured artists who top the charts these days but she also stands up for what she believes in.

What does any of this have with travel you ask? Actually, a lot. You see, KT Tunstall took a side-trip on her way to the Grammys to perform in Las Vegas at the Flamingo last week for a very special concert put together by Virgin and Travelocity.

Getting Hot in Here?

The other night a few of us were at a bon voyage dinner for a buddy who was taking off for three months to study ice cells in Patagonia. This time last year, I went to Buenos Aires, but I couldn’t take the extra time to fly down for glacier viewing at the tip, and I’ve regretted it ever since. Back at the restaurant, we were trying to feed our cravings for adventure with summer rolls and clay pot salmon, but it wasn’t working, so we started to plan our own trip: Kilimanjaro in 2008!