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Review From The Top

Booking a trip is so much easier when you know what to expect, isn’t it? Your friend went to Paris and recommended a B&B that was fantastique; your mother-in-law sung the praises of a hotel in Santa Fe. That’s why Travelocity’s non-biased Customer Reviews and IgoUgo reviews are so helpful. Not only can you use them to get the scoop on that great deal you’re considering—is it close to the center of town? Will it be suitable for kids? How much is the parking?–but you can add your own two cents when you come home from a trip, and make someone else’s life a little easier when they’re deciding where to stay.

Earn Elite Status – Fast!

Miles. They’re the bread and butter of the frequent traveler. If you’re like me, you hoard miles in every way possible. There’s the miles card; e-shopping; special promotions; and, if you’re an American Airlines AAdvantage member, the Platinum and Gold Challenges — fast tracks to more miles and elite status.

It wouldn’t surprise me if you’ve never heard of the challenges. They’re not posted anywhere on the site, so many consumers aren’t aware that they even exist. I recently enrolled in the Platinum Challenge. My goal: to earn 10,000 points through qualifying flights within three months.