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Ask the Editors: What’s a Good Travel Outfit for the Plane?

This week’s question comes from Ellie in Champaign, Illinois, the “hub of Silicon Prairie”:

What’s a good travel outfit for the plane

Aha! Plane attire: one of my favorite topics! The best advice, obviously, is to wear something you’re comfortable in (particularly on a long flight or a red-eye), but if you want to delve a little deeper, here are some of my go-to rules when dressing for the plane:

New Air Travel Protections in the Works

I used to love the convenience of flying, but it seems like every time I check in the process gets more convoluted. Instead of a credit card swipe and a quick confirmation, I’m hit with a hundred different ways to spend money, from sneaky “extra leg room” upgrades to surprise checked baggage fees. Add in the chance of an overbooked flight, a hefty cancelation fee, or three hours on the tarmac, and you can go pretty quickly from getaway to “get me out of here.” But don’t worry, faithful travelers—help might be on the way!

What is the minimum age to fly as an adult? Can a 17-year-old do it

Hi Mel,

The answers: younger than you may think, and a 17-year-old can definitely fly as an adult would!

The golden rule of booking a ticket for a minor is to call your airline before booking, but airlines agree that a 17-year-old can book and fly as an adult. In fact, some airlines allow children as young as 12 to fly alone without having to use the airline’s unaccompanied-minor services.