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How Do I Get a Cheap Flight this Thanksgiving?

Dear Editors,

I want to fly home for the Thanksgiving but airfare seems really high. How can I get a cheap flight this holiday season?


Dear Jane,

Can you believe Turkey Day is just over four weeks away? You’re certainly not alone in your quest to find a cheap flight, which means there’s stiff competition for the lowest-priced seats. Fares aren’t likely to go down, so I suggest you pull the trigger on your flight home, stat.

Slip Slidin’ Away In Singapore’s Changi Airport

I always loved Changi Airport. My parents lived in Singapore for seven years, so I was frequent visitor. The restaurants were surprisingly good, the public spaces were filled with massage chairs and free Internet terminals, and the whole place was (unsurprisingly, if not a little stereotypically) spotless.

Now, however, I think I love Changi Airport even more: they’ve recently added a 40-foot slide.

Travel Wish List: A Private Jet

It’s no secret that commercial air travel leaves a lot to be desired. Between too-small seats, crowding in the overhead, fees galore and taking your shoes off at security, the truth is that for people traveling in coach, flights are simply something that need to be endured to get from Point A to Point B.

So when I got a press release about Avantair, a fractional jet operator, I decided to conduct a Q&A with Steven Santo, the company’s CEO to find out more. Yes, this is out of most people’s reach, but it’s fun to dream, isn’t it?

Flight Attendant Snaps – Was it Justified?

In a recent New Yorker article, humorist David Sedaris bemoans the state of flying in this day and age. In the article, he hints at some ways that flight attendants get back at belligerent passengers, including the following: “The flight attendants, garbage bags in hand, glided down the aisle, looking each one of us square in the face and whispering, without discrimination, ‘Your trash. You’re trash. Your family’s trash.’”