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Weekend in London

I had the good fortune of being sent on business to London recently, which is great because a) I sound somewhat important to friends, and b) free trip to Europe! I decided to tack on some leisure time once my business was concluded, as this was just my second trip to the U.K.

Celebrity Sightings

I am not big into spotting celebrities, but the same cannot be said for my colleagues who nearly passed out upon seeing Matt LeBlanc stroll into our restaurant, Serafino. Fresh off his win at the Golden Globes, Mr. LeBlanc was kind enough to take a picture with my colleague, which he believes will make him a cool dad (it won’t). By the way, Serafino is a fine restaurant with an extensive wine selection, traditional Italian food and strong Irish coffee. Mr. LeBlanc tells me it’s a personal favorite.

Fans Post Their Favorite Travelocity Roaming Gnome Vacation Photos

Recently a colleague of ours emailed us a picture while she was on vacation. She had surprisingly found a statue of The Roaming Gnome in a dive shop in Abaco, Bahamas (one of summer’s top 10 family destinations) and had sent us a picture of him. This made us wonder: have other travelers also spotted the Travelocity mascot in unusual travel destinations?

So we asked The Roaming Gnome’s Facebook fans and it turns out they’ve had plenty of Gnome vacation sightings all over the world. Fans posted many pictures of the Gnome on his Facebook Wall in places from Arizona to Haiti, and from Puerto Rico to Italy.

Five Tips for Booking a Cheap Vacation to Europe this Summer

‘Tis the season to take a European vacation, but with both international airfare and hotel rates up 16 and six percent, respectively, as compared to last summer, what’s a world wanderer on a budget to do? Here are my five top tips for booking a cheap vacation to Europe this summer.

1. Travel during the shoulder season.  This is May, early June and September. If you have the flexibility to avoid July and August, do so. Prices are lower in shoulder season months, crowds are fewer and the weather is just as nice — if not nicer. It’s too late for May or June of 2011, but consider taking a trip in September. If you want really rock bottom prices, go over Thanksgiving weekend. It will be on the chilly side in many locations, but may not matter if you’re planning on a city vacation.