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Travel To Mexico: To Go or Not?

It’s no doubt that the recommendation against all non-essential travel has many people thinking twice about their upcoming trips. Travelocity alone has emailed nearly 14,000 customers about this issue and has had over 30,000 page views to their related FAQ. While most people are opting to change their plans for alternate destinations like Orlando, Las Vegas, Atlanta, the Bahamas, or the Caribbean some people are still chosing to go. If you have a trip in the coming weeks, what will you do?

U.S. Issues Travel Alert for Mexico

The U.S. Department of State has issued a warning for American tourists planning to head south of the border, particularly college kids who are anxious to kick back for spring break.  Unfortunately, due to the escalating violence in Mexico, U.S. tourists traveling there need to be aware and take extra precautions.

The on-going conflict between the Mexican drug cartels and the Mexican government has devolved rapidly into drug-related violence and deaths on the streets and along the U.S. – Mexico border.

News Flash: Hurricane Dolly

Travelers with plans to visit Texas and Mexico may have their plans interrupted by Hurricane Dolly, a Category 1 hurricane.

Air travelers should contact their carrier for information on flight changes and cancellations. Airlines may issue flexible policies for customers who wish to reschedule their trips. American Airlines, Continental, and Delta have all issued flexible-travel policies.

Click here for a list of airline phone numbers.

Travelocity customers should refer to the FAQ page for more information and contact information for our Customer Care representatives.