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Where To Eat in Mexico City

I took a trip to Mexico City last December and here’s what I was most excited about: the history, the culture, and—if we’re honest—the margaritas.

Here’s what I didn’t think to be excited about: the food.

Turns out, however, that Mexico City is a veritable hotbed of culinary genius, a firm foodie favorite that rivals other great “eating” cities like New York, San Francisco, and Paris.

But where do you start? How do you know where to eat? Well, my friends, read on.

1. For the best view over the Zocalo–and, arguably, the best guacamole of your life–nothing beats the bar at the top of the Majestic Hotel. Come here before dinner to unwind with a margarita on the rooftop while watching the hustle and bustle of the square below. Ave. Madero 73, Col Centro, Mexico City, 06000. Phone: +52 55 55218600

Does Mexico charge a departure tax when returning to the U.S.? If so, what is the tax and does it have to be paid in pesos

Hi there,

I’m so impressed that you’re preparing for a departure tax even before you enter the country! (Unless you sent us your question from a Mexican airport, in which case I hope things worked out for you.)

The answer is yes, Mexico does charge a departure tax, but (if you’re arriving via plane) you almost certainly paid it when you bought your plane ticket. If you’re unsure whether it was included in your ticket’s taxes, just call your airline and confirm.

If you’re departing over land, or if your flight originates somewhere other than the U.S., you may indeed owe your fee upon departure, but it can be paid in either pesos or U.S. dollars. The fee will vary depending on exchange rates, but it should be less than $50.

First Time in Mexico

I wish I could have read Genevieve’s enthusiastic endorsement of Mexico before I visited the country for the first time last week, but alas, I only had my family’s swine-flu-and-violence hysteria to turn to. Luckily, I headed south of the border anyway–I’m old enough to know that anything that scares my parents is going to be great fun. Also, I had a work event to attend, and it happened to include five days of sun, sand, and frozen cocktails.

So what’s Cancun like right now?