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I looked at the winning video and thought that person won instead of the gnomemanland girls Marybeth and Laura lee? The winner must
be dating the head judge because that video was lame. Whereas
the gnomemanland girls were hilarious and edgy; in fact if Travelocity
has any sense they’ll do a reality show or sitcom based those 2
women’s lives. Really! A fan


Hey Judy!

I agree- Laura Lee’s and Marybeth’s video was awesome. I think if I met them, we would be friends! I was the winner of the trip– and of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion! I just wanted to reassure you that I was not dating Travelocity’s head judge, nor did I know anyone on staff. I campaigned really hard and worked for a month to get thousands of votes for me and my video to win this trip– and the trip was truly life-changing.

If you have some good ideas for a video, I believe they’ll be doing another GnomeNabbed competition next fall- you should enter! It really was a trip of a lifetime with The Roaming Gnome.

All the Best,

Gerald Chapman

I vote for Lloyd Tremmel
“Her Bunk”

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