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Ever Seen Anyone Famous While You’ve Been Traveling?

I have many celeb sightings to my name, including Meryl Streep (getting into a taxi in New York), Michelle Obama (walking down the street towards me in San Francisco, flanked by Secret Service men who were escorting her into an Italian restaurant), and Dexter Holland from The Offspring (schmoozing it up in the Met Bar in London.) Okay, wait, maybe that last one doesn’t really count. Dexter who?

Poll Shows Stinky Fellow Passengers and Boisterous Kids Push Travelers’ Buttons on the Road

Travelocity’s 2009 ‘Rudeness Poll’ results have just been announced and it seems travelers are misbehaving at every stage of the trip. I bet you think you’re not guily, but read on and see if you recognize any of these traits.

Do you shower before you get on a plane? If not, you are the most disliked passenger on your flight. In fact, people would rather sit next to a person who is coughing and sneezing than sit next to you.

Do you try to bring too-large carry-on luggage on the plane? Nearly 1,600 North Americans agrees that is the most irritating passenger behavior when boarding the plane. If you’re a loud talker, you are the most annoying person during the flight, though you have some competition form the person who kicks the back of the seat in front of them.

Bike for the Heart in Washington, D.C. and See the Sites Along the Way

I’m all about getting sporty on my trips. When I was training for the NYC marathon, I had to visit Washington, D.C. at a crucial point of my training. Instead of halting training or spending hours running on the hotel treadmill, I hired a running guide through City Running Tours who took me on a sightseeing run through our nation’s capital.

So when I heard about a physical fitness event  — again, in Washington, DC — coming up on October 11, I thought I would share it with you. Bike for the Heart is a day-long event put on by the Sister to Sister organization, a group dedicated to educating women about heart health and risk prevention and providing free heart health checkups.

The day consists of four events:

 - a family-friendly five-mile bike ride around our nation’s capital (this would be my choice)

Follow Friday: Heather Poole’s Life at 35,000 Feet

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