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Five Great Green Travel Apps

Editor’s Note: Earth Day is April 22, and this week’s blog posts are dedicated to preserving the world as we continue to travel. Learn more about green travel, including green hotels and voluntourism, by visiting Travelocity’s Travel for Good homepage.

Want to travel a little more responsibly? Here are five great travel apps to help you get the most out of your next vacation–the greenest way possible.

hiCard ($0.99): Sending postcards is fun when you’re on the road, but what if you could do something a little different? This app lets you take a picture on your phone and send it as a paperless postcard to the folks back home. No stamps, no paper, and no waiting in line at the post office!

Carbon Calc ($2.99): Monitor your carbon footprint, make a pledge to travel more sustainably, and even integrate your Twitter and Facebook accounts to spread your progress to your friends. Hey, that’ll keep you honest, right?

Locavore ($2.99): You want to eat more local produce, right? But where do you find it and how do you know if it’s local? This handy app steps in tells you what’s in season wherever you are.

iLocate Parks ($0.99): Craving a little green? No, we don’t mean money—we mean a green space! Find a spot in nature with the iLocate Parks app, which will pin down the nearest green space so you can sit and commune with nature wherever you are.

Velo ($2.99): Staying in a city with a bike sharing program? This app helps you locate nearby bikes so you can hop on two wheels and explore the town the sustainable way. Looking for somewhere to leave the bike for a while? The app also shows you free and available parking spaces.




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Great apps for the eco-friendly traveler. Thanks for sharing Holly.

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