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Travel Wish List: A Private Jet

It’s no secret that commercial air travel leaves a lot to be desired. Between too-small seats, crowding in the overhead, fees galore and taking your shoes off at security, the truth is that for people traveling in coach, flights are simply something that need to be endured to get from Point A to Point B.

So when I got a press release about Avantair, a fractional jet operator, I decided to conduct a Q&A with Steven Santo, the company’s CEO to find out more. Yes, this is out of most people’s reach, but it’s fun to dream, isn’t it?

Two New Luxury Properties Open in Tasmania

When I think of luxury, I think of big cities. It’s the kid-glove-wearing bellhops, the flocks of crisp executives, and the sleek, high-rise suites that light up my “fine living” indicator. But after looking at Tasmania’s latest luxury offerings, I’m ready to include a little nature in my definition of opulence. Check out two new high-class stays on Tasmania’s east coast after the jump.

We’re looking for a luxury beach spot for travel in September and don’t want to worry about weather. What do you recommend

Hi Dave,

Before I give you my recommendations, I must warn you that it almost always ends up raining on me when I head to the beach. Let’s hope that the bad weather only follows me and not my advice!

Of course, September is right smack in the middle of hurricane season for many destinations, but there are hideaways that are less likely to get hit by a tropical storm. The Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao is a good choice for an early fall getaway since it lies outside of the traditional hurricane belt. Its beautiful Dutch architecture dates back to the 1700s and is a truly charming beach getaway with many luxury options.

Who’s to Blame When the Concierge Is Wrong?

In planning our big trip to Thailand, one of the top adventures on our list was having bespoke suits made for my husband. He really needs a new suit, but we live in California, the land of every day Casual Friday so we can never bring ourselves to fork over the princely sum. Having suits made in Thailand seemed like the perfect solution. I studied Holly’s post and read about it in my Lonely Planet guidebook, and the one thing I concluded was: it’s easy to get scammed by disreputable tailors.

Savvy traveler that I am, I swore this wasn’t going to happen to me. Oh no! Not clever, insider me! I decided the best way to avoid this was to secure a recommendation from the concierge at our resort. Granted, I knew concierges can be paid off, but we were staying at a high-end, American-owned hotel chain that is known for its customer service and integrity.

Viva the New Las Vegas: Luxury Abounds at The Palazzo

They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and I’m sure that’s true in more ways than I’d ever dare to imagine. But with the Strip’s increasingly luxurious resort hotels, intoxicating nightlife, and fanfare-worthy entertainment, Las Vegas is becoming the vacation destination that you can’t help but tell everyone about. Why have the time of your life in one of the most daydreamed-about places on earth, and not boast about it to your buddies?

Case in point: Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of staying at The Palazzo, a brand-new, all-suite resort hotel and casino nestled between The Venetian and Wynn Las Vegas. Now, I’m not the most ardent Vegas vacationer out there–I generally just tag along for the odd bridal shower or birthday. But I soaked up every second of this trip, and left yearning to return as soon as possible.