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100 Hotels Under $100 + Fun Sweepstakes!

A look at spring travel data tells us that average hotel rates are still down slightly over last year, hovering around $156 for a domestic hotel stay and $218 for an international hotel stay. When you compare these numbers to hotel prices in 2008 and see that they’re down 14 percent and 11 percent respectively, you can’t argue that they’re a real steal.

The relative inexpensiveness of travel at this point in time makes my job as a bargain hunter and tips guru, well, easy. Everything seems to be a deal right now, but a thrifty shopper looks for lower-than-average hotel stays. We decided to make the hunt easy for you, listing 100 Hotels Under $100.

9 Romantic Hotels in North America

If there’s one thing women know about, it’s romance. And if there’s one thing the staff of The Window Seat Blog know about, it’s travel. With that in mind, the bloggettes came together and picked nine hotels in North America they would recommend for Valentine’s Day or a romantic getaway any time of year. For great deals on hotel stays for Valentine’s Day, visit

Highly subjective and listed in no particular order, the Window Seat Bloggettes’ most romantic hotel picks:

El Conquistador Resort & Golden Door Spa

Farjardo, Puerto Rico

Kimpton Hotel’s Eye Candy Welcome Wagon

Who knew that the little honeys who opened the door for me everyday at Hotel Monaco in Seattle could inspire an entire blog post? It was the doormen’s dashing good looks and mannish abilities to pull off the color purple that won them a spot on my 17 Things I Love About Kimpton Hotels list from a few weeks ago. However, it was brought to my attention by our readers that I neglected to include one key element in my post: proof that “a piece of eye candy will open the door for you.”

Well, ladies, here’s your proof…

My husband and I are teachers in an isolated community. We need a relaxing vacation before school starts again. Can you help

Hi Katherine,

A summer vacation: hurrah! Those are always the most fun to plan for—and, as luck would have it, you’ve picked a really great time to travel. Prices are significantly lower right now than they were this time in 2008, so not only will your money go further, but the timing of your trip should mean that you get to go further as well!

Since hotels are usually the biggest expenditure for any vacation, it’s always a good idea to go where you can find some of the best rates. Let’s start narrowing down your choices by identifying a few destinations where we’re seeing some of the lowest average hotel prices here at Travelocity. (FYI, all the rates below are in U.S. dollars, but you can do the conversion to Canadian quickly and simply at