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Reno Luxury For Way Less Than You’d Think

I’m not sure what you think of when you think of hotels in Reno, but I think of noisy casinos, rowdy bars, and rooms that have probably seen better days. What I don’t think of—or, should I say, didn’t think of until I stayed at the newly renovated Atlantis Casino Resort & Spa recently—is sleek design, top-notch dining options, and a spa that rivals any I’ve ever been to in my life. And I’ve got a soft spot for spas.

Open since 1972, the Atlantis has recently undergone a stunning transformation that’s led to an impeccable new concierge floor featuring rooms that would make the W Hotel proud.

Hotels Suffered in 2009, but Service Didn’t

Travelocity’s most recent poll of over 2,000 North Americans revealed that despite the troubles faced by the hotel industry in 2009, the vast majority of travelers felt service was the same or better than the year prior.

69 percent of respondents felt service was “about the same” in 2009 compared to 2008, while 23 percent felt service levels had improved. Topping the list of ways service had improved was shorter lines, more free amenities, and improvement in room cleanliness.  Just eight percent felt service was worse.

Human Bed Warmers at Hotels: Would You Use One?

Look, I like slipping into a nice warm bed as much as the next person—especially a hotel bed, and especially when I’m vacationing in a cold destination—but one chain has taken it to an entirely new level. At select Holiday Inns in England, guests can request a “human bed warmer” before they turn in for the night.

Say what?

As part of a pioneering new program, Holiday Inn is offering the service–for free, it should be noted—to guests at one of their properties in London and one in Manchester. When you sign up for a human bed warmer (can you imagine having that on your resume, by the way?), you’ll receive a visit from a Holiday Inn employee dressed in a head-to-toe “sleep suit” (which, presumably, is super hygienic) who’ll slip between your covers for five minutes and warm up the sheets.