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Guilt Trips on the Rise

At the beginning of every year, like many travelers out there, I make planning my vacation days a priority. So, for the most part, I already know where I’m going in 2009, who’s going with me, and how much money I need to save to get there.

But I’m feeling a little awkward about those plans this year. In light of the recession, many a naycationer has given me a funny look when I’ve said I’m not planning to cut travel in 2009. I could tell them it’s because there are great deals everywhere, because Europe is cheaper than it’s been in a long time, because I have ready-to-expire caches of frequent-flier miles and flight vouchers; mostly, I just gloss over details and change the subject. In fact, sometimes when people assume a trip I’m taking is for work, I sort of let them believe that. My travel guilt hit a new high the other day when someone I hadn’t seen in a few years told me he’d heard I’d joined the Peace Corps. No, I had to tell him, just been traveling…a lot.

What’s on My Holiday Wish List: Sleeper Planes

It is the season of wish-list making and gift giving, so here’s my humble request of the universe. This year what I most want is the invention of sleeper planes.

On a recent trip to Hong Kong, I was upgraded to Cathay Pacific’s new international Business Class, due to a goof with my ticket. Cathay has a long history of excellent customer service so I wasn’t shocked–but I was shocked at how wonderful the experience was. Business Class has come a long way, baby.

About five years ago I was bumped to First Class on an Air France flight. This meant I had a bigger seat, a personal entertainment player with free movies (mind blowing at the time), and hot meals. It was nice but honestly it was nothing I would have paid extra for. It just wasn’t that different from a Coach seat.

Winter Storms Snarl Holiday Travel

Beating Santa to the punch, Mother Nature is ensuring a white Christmas across much of the Northeast and Midwest today, making travel a bit dicey just in time for the big holiday weekend. According to CNN, Milwaukee’s airport is shut down and ice is causing delays at O’Hare and at New York-area airports. This is causing a ripple effect across the country, with flights from non-snowy areas–particularly those traveling to impacted areas–being delayed due to the storms.

To learn about particular airline and hotel policies, please visit Travelocity’s Customer Care page.

Are you in or traveling to an area impacted by the storm? If so, let us know about your experience in the comments section.

How to Run a City

Today is Halloween, I am aware. However, there is something about fall weather in New York that gets people thinking about one thing in particular: The Marathon (We don’t call it the ING New York City Marathon. We’re New Yorkers, there is no need to modify. We live in the City, we eat pizza and cheesecake, and we run in the Marathon). This weekend, I am running the Marathon. A mixture of excitement and fear has been welling up for weeks. This will not be my first marathon, but it will be my first marathon in my hometown. To help with my training, I was recently given the opportunity to take a running tour around my fair city with City Running Tours, which popped up in a post this time last year

Book For the Holidays Now

I’ve been looking at the numbers and there are a lot of people who are paying attention to the fact that there will be fewer seats available this holiday season. As a result, many of them are booking early to secure their tickets hoping to guarantee themselves a seat later this year to get to their holiday destination. Be it cruise, hotel, family or friend’s place it’s smarter than ever to book in advance.