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Mancation Series: Barbecue, Baseball, Brews and Blues in Memphis

Please join us in welcoming guest author Joel Frey, one of the Travelocity Roaming Gnome’s most trusted publicists.

At what point did pop culture and man-law decree that a weekend among fellas must occur in Vegas? Men, let’s face it: Swingers came out 15 years ago and Vince Vaughn has gotten hitched and added a few inches to his waist line. It’s time to challenge our thinking pertaining to the classic guy’s weekend getaway.

The key word, of course, is thinking and, generally, the less we guys have to engage our brains re: trip planning, the better. In my opinion, that’s why Vegas became the go-to option for bachelor parties and other manly gatherings. In the iconic words of Darth Vader, it’s “all too easy.” Once your feet hit the desert, you know that you’re going to eat, drink, gamble, go to a club and, maybe see a show. The only decision to make is in what order these events will take place.

Best Cheap Eats in New York City: Save on New York Vacation Packages

Taking a bite out of the Big Apple can be pricey, but an easy way to keep costs down and taste the real flavor of New York City is to dine on a dime. Save big on your New York City vacation package, and then check out my favorite budget-friendly restaurants and food trucks!



Shake Shack

You’ve probably heard the hype about Shake Shack, and I’m here to tell you: believe it. I’m a California girl with a passion for In-N-Out, but even their food can’t compare to mighty Shake Shack’s. The burgers are better. The crinkle-cut fries are legendary. And the shakes will blow your mind.

5 Essentials for a Perfect City Break

I live in a big city. Within two blocks of my apartment there are over a dozen restaurants. At night, I hear sirens wailing, my neighbor’s baby crying, and the occasional shouts of revelers as they make their way home from nearby bars. I squeeze onto crowded subway cars, know my sidewalk etiquette, and am rarely, if ever, able to experience total calm and quiet. And yet, when it comes to taking vacation breaks, I somehow find myself gravitating toward other cities. Through my travels, here’s what I’ve determined to be the five most important components for a successful big city break:

Unusual Hotel Perks: Guacamologists, Goldfish & More

Holy guacamole! The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas, just announced the hotel industry’s newest unusual perk: guests can now sign up to serve as Guest Guacamologist during the hotel’s evening guacamologist ritual. Guests interested in playing sous-chef to the professional guacamologist need only call the hotel’s public relations department for a complimentary slot slicing avocados.

This unusual opportunity brought to mind a few other favorite weird hotel perks: