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2006: Expedition Everest

Editor’s Note: This post is part 36 in a forty-part blog series in celebration of Walt Disney World Resort’s upcoming 40th Anniversary.   Please welcome to The Window Seat Chris Gildea, Walt Disney World Moms Panel Guest Author.

In 2006, Expedition Everest opened at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. Let’s head to Asia to get a closer look at this high-speed roller coaster train – but beware, you may experience an “up-close and personal” encounter with the infamous guardian of the mountain: the Yeti.

1972: Frontierland Railroad Station (Magic Kingdom Park)

Editor’s Note: This post is part 2 in a forty-part blog series in celebration of Walt Disney World Resort’s upcoming 40th Anniversary. Please welcome to The Window Seat guest author and Walt Disney World’s Moms Panelist Heather Roberts-Nault.

In 1972, Magic Kingdom park guests were given the extra convenience of an added stop along the Walt Disney World Railroad. Today, learn the keys to navigational success inside the complex Disney theme parks.

So you’ve decided to go to Walt Disney World Resort, and you know you’ve got some planning to do. You’re probably focused on where to eat, what to ride, or which characters you want to see. All good things! But planning out your days in the parks is very helpful, too.

Kid Friendly San Francisco

Please join us in welcoming guest author and Travelocity employee Anna Wilkens, who originally hails from Sweden. Anna is currently based in San Francisco and enjoys traveling the world with her two-and-a-half year-old daughter.

When my family moved to San Francisco, friends recommended that we find a place outside of the city to keep the rent down and enjoy a more child-friendly non-city environment.

But, we actually moved to the city with its many hills, hard to explain microclimates, expensive square footage, and, as it turned out, tons of children’s activities. We found playgrounds in each and every neighborhood and impressive parks and beaches in every direction, plus amazing food from all over the world. We couldn’t have made a better choice.

Eight Tips for Traveling with Teens

Please welcome guest author T.L. Higley. Historical fiction author T.L. Higley doesn’t just transport readers to the settings of her books, she transports herself as well. Her trips to Greece, Egypt, Jordan and Italy have found their way into her suspense novels, including the popular Seven Wonders series. Her upcoming Pompeii: City on Fire (B&H Publishing) brings to life the lost Roman city buried by a massive volcano.

A parents’ guide for avoiding attitudes and embracing adventure