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Guest Blog: 11 Reasons We Had a Love Affair with Bangkok

Please join us in welcoming Amanda Pressner to The Window Seat. She is the co-writer of the blog The Lost Girls and the new travel memoir of the same name.

Back when my fellow Lost Girls Jennifer, Holly and I first left New York City to begin a yearlong, round-the-world adventure, I assumed that the last places I wanted to visit were big cities. Hadn’t I just abandoned a cramped stressed-out, metropolis to find wide-open spaces and new horizons somewhere beyond U.S. borders?

San Miguel de Allende: Colonial Mexico Charms

When I told people I was going to Mexico and NOT staying on the beach, a look of sincere confusion would cross their faces. “Oh, so you’re going to Mexico City, then?” they’d ask. “No, San Miguel de Allende.” San Miguel…what?

Neither a sun-soaked beach nor a mega-metropolitan center, San Miguel is nestled in the heart of central Mexico and is a colonial gem. Perched more than 6,000 feet above sea level, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is hands down one of the most charming destinations I’ve ever visited and it offered me a peek into the sleepy villages of Mexico’s past.

Travelocity’s Travel for Good Joins the MASSIVEGOOD Movement

What I love about travel is the way it expands your worldview. I admit that I have occasionally felt like I had it hard here in the U.S. But all it takes is a trip beyond our borders and I remember how very lucky I am.

And inevitably when the citizens of my host country open their arms and welcome me, treat me like a guest in their beautiful country, I am humbled anew. Travelers are acutely aware that the world is not a collection of different people and countries, but rather a global community where people rely upon one another. And they understand that the gift of travel comes with responsibilities.

A Walking Tour of New York Travel Bookstores

Last weekend I turned a page in my addiction to’s travel bookstore: I decided to take it to the street. I set off on a self-styled walking tour of New York City’s brick-and-mortar travel bookshops to see what they had to offer, and I was thrilled with what I found. From now on, I’ll be taking all of my visitors to these spots so they can read up on NYC and plan their next trip. And the next one. And the one after that.