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San Francisco Carnaval: Memorial Day Weekend

As a San Francisco resident for over 10 years, I’ve learned that holiday weekends in the city are a real treat. Locals flee town for the mountains, national parks, and points south, leaving the restaurants and parking spaces to the rest of us. If you’re coming to the city as a tourist for Memorial Day weekend, I highly recommend you get out to some of the more residential neighborhoods, like the Mission District, to see and experience some of the best culture, nightlife, and food the city has to offer.

The Mission District is a neighborhood of vibrant murals and cutting-edge restaurants, where Spanish and English are spoken side by side. During the Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, each year a Carnaval festival takes place showcasing the cultures of Central and South America along with Africa and the Caribbean, and complete with a massive parade and dancing in the streets.

Charlie Sheen-Inspired Vacations: Where to be a Winner

Maybe we’ve all got it wrong. Maybe our vacations shouldn’t be about relaxing and seeing new things and spending special bonding time with loved ones. Maybe our vacations should be about something else entirely: winning. If you’re going by the Charlie Sheen playbook, your every day should be filled with “wins,” which means your vacation days should, too. After all, despite his recent firing, he’s someone who “win[s] so radically in [his] underwear before [his] first cup of coffee, it’s scary.” Well, you can do that too, with one of these winning escapes.

5 Essentials for a Perfect City Break

I live in a big city. Within two blocks of my apartment there are over a dozen restaurants. At night, I hear sirens wailing, my neighbor’s baby crying, and the occasional shouts of revelers as they make their way home from nearby bars. I squeeze onto crowded subway cars, know my sidewalk etiquette, and am rarely, if ever, able to experience total calm and quiet. And yet, when it comes to taking vacation breaks, I somehow find myself gravitating toward other cities. Through my travels, here’s what I’ve determined to be the five most important components for a successful big city break:

Go Gangster at the New Las Vegas Mob Experience

Editor’s Note: Think you know all there is to know about Las Vegas? Read our Vegas series this week as we celebrate a city that continues to reinvent itself year after year.

A few weeks ago, the sensationalist headlines seemed like they were from another era: Huge Mob Takedown! Giant Dragnet Rounds Up Mafia Suspects! It was like something out of the movies, but it was happening in real life, and, judging by the big headlines, the nation was riveted. In popular culture, we’ve always had a bit of intrigue with the bad guys—that’s why we praise movies like Goodfellas and The Godfather. And it’s why we lose big chunks of time on Facebook to games like “Mafia Wars.”