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My Polar Bear Excursion to the Arctic

I recently returned from the arctic tundra where I ventured with my husband on a once in a lifetime trip to see the famous Polar Bears. You know the ones who have become the poster children for climate change and global warming. As an animal lover and environmentalist, I suppose a large part of the reason we went was to understand more fully the issues facing the bears and to understand if there was anything that could be done, anything that we could possibly do to save them. And then there’s the part of me that simply wanted to see them before it was too late.

Thanksgiving Travel Expectations

Of course the Macy’s Day parade is still happening this year but with so many changes in the economy and air travel many people are wondering, just what is Thanksgiving travel going to look like this year? Given that this is the first time many travelers will experience the fullscale cuts in routes that airlines made this fall, and given that there will be fewer routes and millions of seats lost, it may not bring the relief that some might have hoped for.

In short, this thanksgiving you have to be prepared for crowded planes and the usual organized chaos that comes with any holiday travel outing. So just what is different this year?

Photo provided by IgoUgo member rickhowe

Pregnant Will Travel, But Can I Have That Seat?

I am 32 weeks or eight months pregnant. And I still travel everyday, mostly to work or the doctor. I’ve got a biiiig ol’ belly. Yet still I manage to hoof it down the street and huff down the steps of the New York City subway or onto the bus. Though I must admit I’m not quite as agile as I used to be standing on a moving vehicle. When you’re pregnant, and the larger you grow, the more off-balance you seem to get. At least that’s how it is to me. (To imagine what this feeling might be like picture yourself with a 20 pound beachball tucked into your shirt. You’re probably starting to get the picture…) And yet, I stand almost everyday wherever I go. And it’s not because I am dying for the adventure — it’s because people are really clueless! And it’s not just in New York.