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Protecting Your Identity While on the Road

I often use this column to talk about how to stay safe when traveling. My aim is not to be an alarmist, but rather to inform travelers of ways to protect themselves. With numerous stories stating that credit fraud and identity theft is rapidly on the rise, I began to think about how this relates to travelers. Then I returned from my vacation abroad and was alerted by my credit card company that my account had likely been breached while I was away. I was fortunate that my credit card company had advised me to cancel the account proactively, before any damage was done. But what if they hadn’t? Imagine checking into a hotel, only to find that your account had been frozen. Safeguarding your identity on the road definitely adds another concern to the list of things to monitor when taking a trip–but it’s imperative. If you don’t, it can cost you dearly.

Family Beaches in the U.S. and Nearby

When it comes to family beach time, the key is that the beach can’t be the only draw. Lets face it, sometimes kids get bored. Sometimes they get antsy. Sometimes one child wants to hang on a beach chair all day while another wants nothing more than to be in the surf. You can argue if you want, or you can look for a family spot that has plenty to do, and if you’re lucky, even some kid –specific programming. A good family beach can mean a great family vacation. From resort playgrounds to beachside rentals here are some of my favorites.