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Infant Travel: Traveling With Baby Makes Three And Then Some!

Hitting the road when you have a baby changes everything. Travel just ain’t what it used to be.  Even me, a travel expert, was daunted by the idea of traveling with my daughter by plane for the first time.  As with everything there is a learning curve and you get better with experience. I’ll save you some of the trouble and share some of my learninngs from our very first family vacation.

Travel To Mexico: To Go or Not?

It’s no doubt that the recommendation against all non-essential travel has many people thinking twice about their upcoming trips. Travelocity alone has emailed nearly 14,000 customers about this issue and has had over 30,000 page views to their related FAQ. While most people are opting to change their plans for alternate destinations like Orlando, Las Vegas, Atlanta, the Bahamas, or the Caribbean some people are still chosing to go. If you have a trip in the coming weeks, what will you do?

We’re traveling to Europe with my 1-year-old grandson. Can you recommend a portable crib and backpack/stroller carrier

Hi Alicia,

Traveling with a baby is not always easy. I should know as I’m new to traveling with one! The problem is all their stuff can make things unwieldy and then of course you add into the mix a baby and… it can feel overwhelming at just the thought. Planning ahead and packing smart are more important than ever. Both you and your baby will get better with experience so I suggest making a few “test” trips before your big vacation.