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Ask a Boston Expert: Meet Ariana Sellas, Travelocity’s Boston Market Manager

Editor’s Note: Periodically, we’ll be featuring a Q&A with our resident destination experts at Travelocity, the Travelocity market managers. Market managers are locals to their destination and experts on everything and anything related to tourism in their markets. Please welcome them to The Window Seat.


Ariana Sellas is the Travelocity Market Manager for Boston. She has been with Travelocity for more than six years. She enjoys traveling, reading, running, swimming, salsa dancing and is a zumba instructor and personal trainer. Her favorite parts of the job are the travel discounts , co-workers and hotel partners.

Ariana hanging out with the Roaming Gnome in Boston.



TWS: If you had to pick just one thing that makes Boston special, what is it and why?

AS: Boston is a wonderful destination with many historical and fun activities to partake in and the biggest plus is that you can walk pretty much everywhere. It’s a “walkable” city so you won’t have to spend as much time in the gym after touring the fabulous city. For those of you that don’t like to walk of course you still have the option of taking Boston’s reliable train system, called the “T”.

TWS: What’s the best time of year to visit to get a deal on a hotels in Boston? Pros and cons of visiting at that time of year?

AS: The best time of year to get a deal in Boston is the low peak season which is January-March, July & August; since there are less conferences and business travelers in the area at this time. The pros about visiting during the low peak times is that you’ll get better rates and the city will be less congested; the cons would be the harsh winters and the hot summers. Helpful hint do some searches to find out when large conventions are in town and avoid travel during those times.

TWS: What’s the secret to getting a deal on Boston hotels?

AS: The secret to getting a hotel deal in Boston is to book a Top Secret hotel on Travelocity.

TWS: Do you know the Roaming Gnome personally? What is his favorite thing about your destination?

AS: Yes of course I know the Roaming Gnome, we have been friends for years and have traveled to Boston together plenty of time. His favorite thing about my destination is the Boston Creame Pie which was originated at the Omni Parker House; so definitely a recommendation to all travelers.

TWS: How much time should a visitor allocate to properly see Boston?

AS: In my opinion three to four days is a perfect time frame to spend in Boston for a first-time visitor; a weekend would be ideal for a repeat traveler.


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