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Are You Traveling This Memorial Day Weekend?

To many people, Memorial Day signals the unofficial start to summer, a time to scrape off that grill, fill up the kiddie pool, and get that first glimmer of tan. And even though tens of thousands will hit the road and the skies, if the upcoming three-day weekend stretches before you without a trip to look forward to, you’re not alone. According to Reuters, Memorial Day holiday travel in the U.S. will shrink for the first time since 2002.

Photo courtesy of IgoUgo member Valerita.

I, for one, will be staying in the Bay Area this weekend, with the big outing being a one-night camping escapade in an Oakland regional park with eight friends and a dog. That I actually know eight people who are in town and available and willing to go on a one-night camping trip (in the wilds of Oakland, no less!) is testament to how few people it seems are traveling out of town this year.

How about you, Window Seat readers? Are you going away this Memorial Day weekend? And, will high gas prices impact your summer travel plans in any way?


My name: Rachel Berg.

Favorite way to get around: By Venetian gondola during starlit high tide, gliding past decaying and slightly spooky palaces, with perhaps a bottle of prosecco placed between the gondola seat cushions.

View that took my breath away: Unable to sleep in the mystical city of Sfat in Israel, I wandered outdoors predawn and was treated to a purple-on-purple sunrise below the mountaintop that seemed to emerge feet-first through ground-level clouds.

Greatest travel lesson learned: Sunny weather isn't everything. Some of my best travel memories involve go-karting through a deluge turned mud-fest in Mexico, drinking tea in the cold Denali tundra, and watching electric thunderstorms roll through national parks out West.

Most challenging travel moment: Getting leveled by altitude sickness in Cuzco and realizing that my body was forcing me to slow down and rest despite the fact that there was so much to do and see.

Travel ambition: To see the northern lights.



This year, I’ve got a wedding but it’s just over in Queens so it’s not exactly a weekend outing. Memorial Day is a good weekend to stay in New York anyway as it tends to empty out as people head off for their first summer weekend (though with the weather we’ve been having, that’s a stretch).


I have a wedding close to home, too, so I won’t be going anywhere! Although, I always stay home over Memorial Day, so it’s nothing new for me.


I, for one, will be leaving California for Hawaii. Take that!


I think Biff wins. I’m headed to the beach. Unfortunately so are a lot of other people, so the traffic will be fierce.

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