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Sometimes all it takes is passion and a two-minute YouTube video to make your travel dreams come true. In the case of Allie, Talia and Aaron, that is indeed the case. They each submitted a video to Travelocity’s recent Travel for Good contest, explaning why they would love to win a $5,000 grant to one of Travelocity’s Travel for Good signature voluntourism programs. They each shared a different and equally inspiring story about their commitment to giving back and their specific passion for communities in need around the world. Hear more from the winners themselves below, and check back frequently to find out the dates of the next voluntourism grant contest.

Allie, a recent public health graduate, is going to Tanzania to focus on fighting the HIV/AIDS stigma in Africa. This is a continued passion that began while she attended Oregon State University, where she learned how to improve the population’s health through education and prevention.

Talia, a student in Long Island, is going to Brazil to help make a difference in children’s lives, working to improve quality care in under-sourced and overcrowded community centers and daycares. As she said in her song, “We’re one small part of the world – one grain of sand on the beach – swept together with the winds of change – something bigger is in our reach.”

Aaron, a health educator, is going to Brazil to give marginalized populations affected by HIV/AIDS a voice to tell their stories and create platforms for change.

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