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Air New Zealand Takes (It All) Off

Forget stripped-down service from the airlines; how about a stripped-down staff instead?

Air New Zealand recruited actual employees to bare all for a new ad campaign promoting the airline as the carrier “whose fares have nothing to hide.” Wearing only body paint, the staff filmed both a TV commercial and an in-flight safety video (and you thought Delta’s safety video was hot!). Take a look.

At this point, does anyone actually know where to find Air New Zealand’s life vests? Or am I the only one who found the body paint a bit distracting?

There’s also a fun website to accompany the campaign, my favorite part of which is a rather, uh, revealing behind-the-scenes look at the making of the videos.

I knew I loved Air New Zealand!


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Oh Kiwis. I can’t decide what is wackier, the accents or the fact that they’re NOT WEARING CLOTHES. Thank god for those well placed armrests…

Wearing Clothes

*Yawn* Lame.


The presentation is definitely more interesting and attention-grabbing. More lively as well.

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